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Anathi: Children's Homes of Eastern Sri Lanka
Contact information, histories, and photos of tsunami-affected orphanages and children's homes of Sri Lanka's eastern districts and how to help them directly.
Association of Sri Lankans at University of Arizona (ASLUA)
Includes officers, galleries, activities and links.
Children Skills Development Programme
A non-profit organization established in1998 for enhancing the fine arts skills of children age between 7 to 18 years, and the site contains detail information of the organization, partner organizations, performed work, how to become a member, press releases, publications, photo galleries, videos, and contact information.
Citizens Movement for Good Governance (CIMOGG)
CIMOGG is a civil society organization promoting good governance in Sri Lanka, based on Democracy and the Rule of Law. It has no affiliation with any political party.
Dharmaraja Scouts News On Line
The on line News Update Of the 1st kandy Dharmaraja Scout Group, Kandy, Sri Lanka. The Largest and the most recognized boy scouts group in Sri Lanka. [Atom]
Hill Country Disability Group
Non profitable organization aiming to create social awareness in disable group of the Hill Country.
Towards a Sustainable and developed Society where Human Rights and Democratic Rights are Protected in Sri Lanka.
Lanka Academic Network (LacNet)
Enhance education, Internet accessibility to students and provide information about Sri Lanka to the world.
Pathfinder Foundation
Plays a catalytic role in Changing attitudes towards internationalization, private ownership and the role of government through research, dialogue, and action.
Purawesi Lanka
A local level Non-Government Organization operating at national level, conducting social welfare and support activities in the rural areas and contains information related to their service, donations, gallery, projects and contact details.
Sri Lanka Cancer Society
A voluntary organization caring for patients with the cancer, and accepts donations to provide care, and provides information about the branches of the organization, facilities and contact methods.
Sri Lanka Children's Trust
Activities of the national voluntary service organization serving Sri Lanka's most needy children including orphans, handicapped children, and Tsunami affected children in remote areas
Surangani Voluntary Services
Non-governmental organization supports nursery school education and works with individual nursery schools focusing on building a better environment for all children.
Uva Province Governor's Fund
Providing relief to poor families or persons residing permanently in the Uva Province,
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