The Education category includes local educational institutions, programs, and opportunities as well as other location specific educational resources

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American College of Higher Education
Educational institute in Sri Lanka offering American degrees. Provides institutional information, academic programs, students affairs and online downloads.
Arthur C Clarke Institute
Offers information communication technology, space science, electronics and Industrial training courses. Industrial service division offer test and measurements.
Education in Sri Lanka
Education in Sri Lanka. According to the Sri Lankan Constitution, education is a fundamental right of the citizens.
Provides education materials, lessons and information for any kinds of students.
Find a Teacher
Free and public Sri Lankan teachers database. Helps students to find a perfect teacher for their educational purpose.
IDM Sri Lanka
A group of companies dedicated to serve the computer education in Sri Lanka. Offers company profile, courses, and training materials.
The Lanka Academic Network
A non-profit volunteer run Sri Lanka web Portal. Provides aid to improve education through the internet for students in Sri Lanka. A resource for Sri Lanka news and directory.
Royal College
The premier primary and secondary educational institution in Sri Lanka.
Sakya Institute
Academy of higher education for GCE advanced level students. Provides academic information related to the institute.
School of Media Arts and Management Sri lanka
An institute for professional media, journalism and advertising studies. Includes school background, information about courses offered, and online registration form.
Shippers' Academy
Shipper centric training institute covering global commerce and logistics. It is affiliated to the Singapore Shippers’ Academy.
The Sri Lanka Association for Improving Higher Education Effectiveness (SLAIHEE)
The association of higher education professionals dedicated to improving teaching and learning effectiveness in higher education in Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology
Education and training institute offering IT degrees. Provides information about institute.

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