This category contains the personal homepages and blogs of Singaporeans. Basically, the sites in this category will have personal information about the author as well as information on any interests the author might have.
As is the case for the rest of ODP, only one address for each site will be listed, and in only the most relevant category. Multiple submissions may very well result in that site being deleted.

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Boleh Boleh
Kriscell talks about his life, work, dreams and nearly anything that happens around him.
Certified Pinoy Blogger
Makoy, a 26 yr old IT guy who loves to write.
Chen Yixiong, Eric
About autism and his other writings.
Edith's Mid-world
Eclectic collection of personal poems, musings and her personal journal. Also has a list of favourite movies and books, and polls and forums about anything and everything, real and virtual pets, recycling.
Gerald Tan's Hunny Pot
A Poohbear themed site, with each character representing subsections such as music, his holiday pictures, and NUS medicine.
Kuan Ming Keong
Presents his resume, links to his work and ways to contact him.
Lee, Donn
Runner, writer, advocate for clear thinking in business analytics, and an aspiring polymath.
Lee, Jensen
Not All Who Wander Are Lost [Weblog]
Loo, Alfred
An IT professional, specializing on Mail systems, mainly Exchange and Lotus Notes who graduated from the University of Queensland. About his life, family, work, IT and Palm.
Medusa's Corner
Nana/Medusa's page where he/she share my world with others, from entertainment to personal photos.
Mel's World (Pleasant Meadows)
Personal homepage created by Melissa Loh. Insights to her life, especially in relation to her religion and her family.
Naked Ambition
A weekly roundup on worthy and unworthy published news in Singapore.
Ng, Stanley
Stanley Ng (Akashi's) weblog. Includes a section about him, webcam images and links to his hobbies.
The Noel Boyd Blog
Noel represents the tattooed community and hopes to promote body art in Singapore. Emcee, ghost hunter and web TV host.
A Nutshell Review
Movie reviews in one hundred words, and the occasional confessions of a dangerous mind. [Weblog]
Ong, Yeun
Skalatitude: A collection of graphics, photography, design, architecture and writings.
A community meta weblog for Singapore bloggers. It is a platform for bloggers to gain readership and for weblog readers to discover new blogs of their interests.
Sek, Mervyn
His interests, activities,awards and professional profile.
The Shadow Lands
Shadow, a saved sinner, details his journey through the Shadow Lands. Profile, weblog, bible verses and Christian songs.
Shopaholic Revelations
An invitation into the world of retail therapy.
The Story of Cavan
A parent's weblog about the surprise entrance of a baby into her and her husband's lives.
Tan, Joel
The homepage of Joel Tan, born 2008. Features picture blog and polls.
The Uglyfatchick
Singapore young Mom blogger. Not a chio bu nor a hot babe. But she's still cute in her way.
"Too much and Too Little" - the weblog of an anonymous communications undergraduate in NTU.
Wong, Kelvin
Kelvin's personal website. Bios, resume, interests and gallery.

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