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The official website of the Government of Singapore.
Site lists job openings in the Singapore Government.
CIA - Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments: Singapore
List of government officials and their titles, updated weekly. Also includes the head of the central bank, ambassadors to the United States and Permanent Representatives to the UN, New York.
Council for Estate Agencies
Website of the Council for Estate Agencies. Contains information about real estate agents.
Government Mall Singapore
Government mall selling official copies of Government published documents and papers.
National Population And Talent Division | Prime Minister's Office | Republic of Singapore
Website of the National Population and Talent Division (NPTD). It has links to the Singapore Government Population Whitepaper
Legislative body of the Government of Singapore.
The official feedback channel for citizens to air their views and suggestions on Government policies and national issues. Formerly known as the Feedback Unit.
Singapore Cooperation Enterprise (SCE)
Works closely with Singapore’s 15 ministries and over 60 statutory boards to tailor possible solutions to match the foreign parties’ needs. Solutions could include visit programmes, training, advisory services and even project implementation.
Singapore Land Authority
Website of Singapore Land Authority. It has e-services link and information about land sale.
Singapore Weather from Meteorological Services
Provides 2 hourly forecast of Singapore Weather from Singapore meteorological services. Includes charts of maximum and minimum temperature, rainfall and wind conditions. Site also has satellite images.
Statistics Singapore
National statistical authority responsible for disseminating official statistics on Singapore.
A Sustainable Population for a Dynamic Singapore: Population White Paper
A Sustainable Population for a Dynamic Singapore: Population White Paper
Temasek Holdings
Owns and manages the Singapore Government's direct investments, both locally and overseas.
Wikipedia - Government of Singapore
Hyperlinked encyclopedia article includes information about the Ministries and Statutory Boards.
World Statesmen - Singapore
Review of the country's history, politics, leaders and international organizations and treaties. Includes map, constitution, national anthem and pictures of historical flags.
Singapore heritage blog. It captures the strong bonds people develop with places, people and events – moments from a time gone by that they still cherish and want to share.

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