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Absolutely Fuzzy
The blog of a Malaysian girl in Sydney with an overflowing closet, a love for travel and a little more than a mild obsession with food.
Adrian Johari
Includes pictures of family and personal details plus links.
Contains FFX, iMac, XPwallpaper, puppy, scene, WTC, vehicle, greeting, Beckham, Milla, lyric, joke, kid, software and games.
Andy Lim Profile
Personal website of Andy Lim, cross-media designer and creative director.
Archana Menon
Background information, hobbies, works created and email contact.
Brics Kong Site
Pictures, links and contact.
Personal comments on Malay traditional wedding preparation.
Charles, Colin -
Online journal, photo gallery, personal rants and information. Includes unofficial faq.
Chong Hwa Lifestyle
Blogs on student and school life. Includes links.
CK's Personal Pages
Includes photos, profile, forum, online journal, games, news, theology, search engines and weekly deals.
Dish with Vivien
Raw unedited food journalism, informative site with price of food items eaten mostly in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.
Duan Says
Internet marketing centric blog with links to other resource.
Havuk Inc
Personal information about a Sabahan with picture gallery and links to interested fields.
Haw, Teng Kar
A web designer. Provides directory of Malaysian sites, portfolio and biodata.
Hcfoo's Tennis Blog
Tennis news oriented blog with pictures and links.
Hongkiat's Design Weblog
Tips and resources for designers, developers and bloggers.
Huai Bin Weblog
Personal blog with pictures on food and life in general.
I'm Knight
Includes a weblog about life and tech news.
Jason Devadason
Personal information, cyberfriends, and downloads.
Julian Si
Food blog categorized by cuisine, reviews with photos included.
Karlbum / Rahman
Features a blog, collection of photos and poems
Liew, C F
Personal weblog with news of software, hardware, technology, tips and tricks.
Lim, Lee Sun
Vivienne provides information about her family and friends, as well as favourite links and chat room.
Lim, Poh Yit
Provides personal information, photo gallery and quotes.
Personal blog on technologies, making money online, tips, and my life.
Man Are Like Trees
Blogging about fitness and life in general.
Masak Masak
Informative food blog with pictures, restaurant address and personal review.
Mucked in a Jam
Personal views and post on Malaysian politics.
Nadiyah - Cultural Stories
Writing experiments of a Muslim-Asian-Malay-female-person.
Ong Jiin Joo
Includes a weblog entry, some personal information and links.
The Other Side of the Story
Random blogging on everyday happenings.
Paul Tan's Automotive Blog
Blog on the Malaysian automotive industry. Includes test drives, reviews, previews, motoring tech articles and automobile howtos.
Penang Lang Voices
Personal views on Malaysian politics and social issues.
Raymond.CC Blog
Daily updated news of useful advanced computer tips and tricks.
S.M.Sabri S.M.Ismail - Sabre 2/3 Tiger
Weblogs of issues in computer, engineering, transportation and society.
Sanctuary Under The Sea
Andy Lim's photo-diary of his travels to Malaysia's beautiful islands like Pulau Redang, Tioman and Tenggol.
SapSamSok - Uncle 13
Information on author, friends and family.
Shahnun - Photo Album
Pictures of friends in Malaysia.
Sharing is Caring by Tommy Tong
By Malaysian Blogger critics about new trends and share out life style.
Shaw-Fen and Josef Frohsz
Provides some personal background, guest book and Belacan Club for Malaysian living in Europe.
Shawn's Place
Internet information centric blog.
Shiok Guy's Opinion
Personal blogging on Malaysian politics.
Steve Ngai
Sharing life's knowledge and personal experiences.
Syuhada Adnan
Contains Syuhada Adnan's blog.
Tan, Chris - Chri'z Corner
About Malaysia, its beauty and personal information.
Personal collection or arts, photos and poems.
A personal weblog of Malaysian Chinese who is studying and living in New Zealand - University of Canterbury. Talks about current issues, politics, civil engineering and university life.
Tropical Bloom
Photography centric blog with photos of tropical floras, faunas of Malaysia.
Wan Salahudin Wan Abdullah
Features information on education, kids, downloads, information, and links.
A Whiff of Lemongrass
Provides personal food reviews categorized by area, pictures included.

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