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Bureaucrats, Politicians, and Policy Change in Japan
Examines a hypothetical model of policy-making by focusing on the relationship between the transition of political power between government agencies and the subsequent policy changes in the process of administrative reform in the 1990s.
Children's Rights Council of Japan
Organization fighting international abduction and working to assure children in Japan of meaningful and continuing contact with both their parents and extended family regardless of the parents' marital status.
Citizen's Nuclear Information Center (CNIC)
Provide information and public education on nuclear power and nuclear issues in Japan.
Consequences - A Change in Security Posture: Japan and North Korea
Discusses Japan's recent proactive stance in foreign policy making.
Exceptionalism in Political Science: Japanese Politics, US Politics, and Supposed International Norms
A paper intended to demonstrate some problems inherent in the arguments surrounding exceptionalism in Japan and the United States.
Japan as the New South Korea
Essay from the Institute for Corean-American Studies on Japan filling the role of South Korea for influence on China.
Japan Focus
Offers Japanese and international perspectives on contemporary Japanese politics, international relations, economics, social movements, war and terror, and historical memory.
The Japan Information Access Project
Conducts scholarly research and analysis on critical Asia policy issues to strengthen international understanding of Japanese and northeast Asian science, technology, economic and security policy.
The Occupation of Japan as an Exercise in "Regime Change": Reflections After Fifty Years by a Participant
Compares and contrasts the US occupation of Japan after WWII with post-Hussein Iraq.
Tokyo Progressive
Contains politically oriented news, articles, and links related to grass roots campaigning to improve society, culture, government, and the environment.
Beware a More Muscular Japan
Asserts that the US should be wary that Japanese aid and troops for Iraq have strings attached. From the Christian Science Monitor. (October 30, 2003)
The Economist - Insecure
Article documenting that now along with their jobs and pensions, Japanese now fear for their safety. (October 23, 2003)
Insular Japan Needs, but Resists, Immigration
A New York Times article on Japan's emerging crisis of depopulation and cultural resistance to the only solution that can save it. [Free registration required]. (July 24, 2003)
Economist - What Ails Japan?
Author argues that after 12 years of failure in attempted economic reforms, fixing Japan's political system is nearly impossible. (April 18, 2002)
Machiavellian Politics and Japanese Ideals: The Enigma of Japanese Power Eight Years Later
Examines Karel van Wolferen's seminal work critical of the Japanese Establishment eight years after its publication, and examines if some camparisons hold up. (January 01, 1998)

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