Nikkei = people with Japanese cultural background and/or whose ancestors were from Japan. Different from another Nikkei (short form of Nihon Keizai, Japanese economy)

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Family Registries
Tips for obtaining a copy of your Japanese family registry in Japan.
Gil Asakawa's Nikkei View
online columns, photos, and links of popular culture and politics from a Japanese American perspective
Japan's War Crimes : Has Justice Been Served ?
Speech by prominent Japanese-Americans calling for the Japanese government to address its war crimes in WWII.
Japanese American National Museum
Events, history, and exhibits dedicated to Japanese Americans, located in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles.
National Association of Japanese Canadians
A national organization in Canada that represents the Japanese-Canadian community, with a primary focus on human rights and community development.
Nikkei Federation
Serves as a clearinghouse of information for Nikkei cultural and community resources and activities in southern California. Coordinates and Nikkei cultural programs and activities as well as providing services through various programs.
Nisei Week Japanese Festival
The annual festival in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles promotes Japanese-American culture with fun and exciting events during July and August.
Okinawa Kai of Washington D.C.
People in the Washington D.C. area of Okinawan heritage or interested in Okinawan culture.
San Fernando Valley Japanese American Community Center
Serves 18 organizations and more than 1,000 families promoting Japanese cultural and senior citizen activities, as well as the Japanese heritage. Located in Pacoima.
Venice Japanese Community Center
Serving the Japanese-American community of Venice, Marina del Rey, Westchester and Culver City for over 75 years to preserve their heritage and cultural experience. Offers over 40 diverse classes, clubs and activities to enrich the Japanese and Japanese-American culture of the community.
Being "Japanese" in Brazil and Okinawa
Views perceptions of how Japanese defined themselves in the 20th century, focusing on Japanese emigrants to South America and Okinawans wishing to be assimilated into the Japanese mainstream. (May 01, 1998)
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