This category is for sites on photograpg collections of Japan. Sites must have some distinguishing features showing the country (i.e. not photos that could be anywhere).

Websites submitted here must be Japan related and in English. Sites in Japanese should be submitted to the appropriate World/Japanese subcategory.


Subcategories 2

Benoa - Japan
Photos of major landmarks in Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima.
Bill Hocker - Japan
Photographer displaying several pictures of Japan in the mid to late 1970's.
Cyber Shrine
Photos of scenic Shinto shrines in Japan.
Ed's Photos of Japan
Photos of traditional and modern Japan, including free wallpaper and virtual postcards.
Good Old Days Japan
Collection of photos and scenes from pre-war Japan.
Impressions of Japan
Colorful photos from famous sights in Japan.
Japan Media and Photography Archive
Photographic archive covering Japan with photos for sale.
Japan Stock Photography
Wide assortment of photos on various subjects.
Japan Trip 1997
Photo album of a trip to several areas of Japan.
Japan Window Photo Blog
Photo weblog showing Japanese people, life, and culture through pictures and stories.
Nagasaki University Old Picture Database
Collection of photos from 1860-1920.
The Night Views of Seto
Panorama photographs of practically every night view in western Japan.
Remembering Nagasaki
Photos and descriptions of the city just after the atomic bombing.
Rob's Japan Photo Gallery
Digital photos and descriptions of unique Japanese cultural items and characteristics.
Shimpset Photo Gallery "Birds of Japan"
A picture database of several varieties of birds in Japan, both male and female.
Thien's Photo Page
Photo collection includes temples and shrines, outlandish youth of Harajuku, Tokyo, cherry blossoms, night scenes, trains, and tea ceremonies.
TrekEarth - Japan
Includes a collection Japan photos, including shrines. [RSS]
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