Websites concerned with 'casteism' and the political and other issues surrounding caste and communal interaction and conflict in the country.

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Broken People
A detailed account by Human Rights Watch of the extent and means of discrimination against lower castes.
Caste in India
An explanation of the caste system in history, and modern practice.
Caste Problem in India
Swami Vivekananda, with a partial justification of the caste system. Denies that the system is a product of religion, and ascribes it to other social factors.
Caste System in Bengal
A brief account of how the system developed in Bengal, with some notes on the differences from the rest of India.
The Caste System in Hinduism
A basic introduction to the caste system, including an account of its religious justification.
Caste System in Modern India
Read about the caste system prevailing in modern India.
Castes of India
An overview of the caste system, and additional notes on history, its place in modern India, and its relevance to untouchables and non-Hindus. Communalism
Collection of articles, comments and analyses on the issues.
Dalits & Human Rights : The Battles Ahead
First of a set of articles by P. Sainath on the position of Dalits in the country in the 1990's.
Hindu History - The Emergence of the Caste System (The Jati-Varna Matrix)
Account of the emergence of the hierarchical caste system by Sudheer Birodkar, with parallels drawn with class systems in other regions.
Indian Parliament Committee on the Welfare of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes
Reports on the activities, constitution and membership of this group, and reports produced by it recently.
Sub-Castes Among Dalits
On the political issues around the existence of subcastes among Dalits and scheduled castes.
The Hindu : Politics of 'hereditary' crime
Article on the 'Criminal Tribes Act' and its legacy in the form of communities that continue to be considered inherently criminal by the authorities. (September 09, 2001)
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