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Alcobex Metals
Manufacture a range of seamless pipes and tubes for condensers and heat exchangers.
Anglo-French Drugs and Industries
Manufacturer of furnishing fabrics, and a range of pharmaceuticals.
AOV International
Manufacture and export of deep and shallow well hand pumps.
Bharath Paper Conversions
Manufacturer of paper cores, tubes, cones, fiber drums, pulp moulded products and edge protectors.
Carris Pipes and Tubes Pvt Ltd
Manufactures portable plastic tanks, water sanitary items, hardware, tiles, ceramics and pipes.
Conex Metals
Manufactures brass sanitary fittings, cable glands, copper lugs and various other small metal parts. Products, ordering guide and contact information. Mumbai and Jamnagar.
Digitals India
Manufacturer of electronics security equipment like security metal detectors and alarm systems.
Essen Deinki
Manufacturer of connectors, terminals, and microswitches.
Everest Blowers
Manufacturers and exporters of blowers, pumps, and boosters.
Garima Global Pvt. Ltd.
Makers of automotive engine component and spare parts.
Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing. Co. Ltd.
Manufactures storage goods, furniture, security equipment, locks, manual and electronic typewriters, overhead projectors, machine tools, precision fabrications, forklift trucks, tools, dies, moulds.
Groz Engineering Tools
Manufacturer and supplier of hand tools, precision measuring tools and industrial tools.
Industrial Boilers
Manufacturers of a range of industrial boilers and steam turbines.
Keld Ellentoft India Private Limited
Manufacturer of non metallic and fabric expansion joints.
Khater Group
Manufacturer of PVC masterbatches, special grade compounds, cables, and wire ropes.
Muvtons Castors Pvt. Ltd.
Manufactures heavy duty castors and cast polyurethane wheels for use in transport systems, AGVs, store fixtures and industrial equipment.
MVD Auto Components Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer of electrical components for automotive and motor use.
Nippon Instruments India
Manufacture temperature controllers, indicators, sensors, process scanners, and humidity indicators.
Perma Construction Aids
Manufacture construction chemicals for applications in the civil engineering industry.
Premier Ingots and Metals Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer and exporter of copper based master alloys, rods and profiles of aluminum, bronze, copper chromium, beryllium, ferrous and non-ferrous metal alloys.
PTC Industries Limited
Features castings, forging, machined components, stampings, fabricated and assembled parts.
Schott Kaisha
Manufacture a range of ampoules and vials.
Switzer Instrument Limited
Manufacturers of industrial process control instruments, pressure switch, and temperature sensor and transmitter.
Thirumala Castings
Manufacturing parts for defence, medical equipment and surgical implants in corrosion resist stainless steels.
Manufacturing personal protective equipment for full body harness and industrial safety.
Utopia Automation and Control
Manufacturers of industrial automation systems.
Vedic Systems
Distributes equipment used in the confectionery and food, pharmaceuticals and plastics equipment, wire and cable industries products and services.
Visaka Industries
Manufacture asbestos sheets.
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