This list guides you to many non-governmental, non-profit, self-help, community grassroot groups in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China.

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A forum of young professionals to discuss community issues. Provides the group's activities, newspaper articles and submissions to the government.
Agency for Volunteer Service
Promotes volunteer service. Provides an overview, service profile, fundraising and promotional messages, forms for downloads.
Cambridge University Hong Kong Alumni Club
A network page for Cambridge University alumni. Contains event announcements, event photos and job search.
China Development and Services Fund
Assists in the relief of poverty and overall development of Mainland China. Contains background of the fund, current projects and events, and volunteer recruitment information.
Chinese Canadian Association of Hong Kong
Provides a focal point for Chinese Canadians and their families in Hong Kong.
Christian Action
Provides help to the poor and disadvantaged in Hong Kong and Mainland China, with particular emphasis upon displaced persons.
Community Business
Works with companies to foster corporate social responsibility.
Consumer Council
Protects and promotes consumer rights in Hong Kong.
Crossroads International
Collects superseded goods in Hong Kong and redistributes them to people in need.
Heifer Hong Kong
Supports and funds humanitarian efforts in China by providing struggling families with the gift of food- and income-producing animals.
Engages people in volunteering and increase awareness of charities in Hong Kong. Provides information for prospective volunteers about possible placements.
Hong Kong Council of Social Service
Coordinating body of non-governmental organizations and social service agencies.
The Hong Kong Family Welfare Society
Helps families and individuals resolve problems related to the family, marriage, courtship, friendship and learning, to prevent family break-ups and social problems, and to foster a caring community.
Hong Kong Housing Society
An independent and not-for-profit organization, Housing Society aims to contribute towards meeting the housing needs of Hong Kong. It advocates Services, Quality, Innovation and Teamwork. [English] [Chinese B-5]
Hong Kong Library Association
Promotes librarianship. Provides information on membership, events, publications and vacancies.
Hong Kong Network on Religion and Peace
Aims to link up the religious-minded individuals and religious organizations to work for peace.
Hong Kong Sex Education Association
Promotes sex education by developing educational material, organising activities and providing a forum for discussion.
Hong Kong Social Workers Association
A professional association for social workers in Hong Kong. Reports, list of directors and membership forms.
Lions Clubs International District 303
Serves the community in the areas of education, health, environmental protection and youth service.
Oxfam Hong Kong
Includes profile, news of activities and information on campaigns.
Po Leung Kuk
Originally founded to protect women and children from abduction. Now provides social, educational and recreational services.
Raleigh International Hong Kong
A charity which aims to develop young people by improving their self-confidence and teamwork.
Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong Branch
Promotes the art, literature, history and culture of Hong Kong, China and Asia.
Salvation Army Hong Kong
An international and Christian organization in providing various types of services to people of Hong Kong. [Chinese B5] [English]
The Samaritans Hong Kong
A voluntary service to help to prevent suicide.
Shamdasani Foundation
A Hong Kong-based charitable organization that serves the "poor, blind, and the disabled in India."
Sowers Actions
Operates education development programmes in disadvantaged areas in China.
St. James' Settlement
Provides community services for families and individuals in Wanchai district.
World Vision Hong Kong
An international Christian relief and development organisation.

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