Sites that deal with the upper range of gifted children and their problems.
The Prodigy Review - Bio: Life of William James Sidis
The Prodigy is Amy Wallace's biography of William James Sidis, the brightest human who ever existed on our planet Earth.
The Quiet Crisis in American Education: The Neglect of Highly Intelligent Students
Article by Dr. Jan Davidson uses the term "quiet crisis" to describe the neglect of our educational system to nurture our nation's most able young minds.It argues that this quiet crisis in effect denies future generations the benefit of those students' achievements. 2002.00.00
Article by Roberta Staley describes some of the situations faced by profoundly gifted young people and their families. Staley relates many interesting anecdotes and commentaries. The article advocates for increased recognition of the importance and value of these gifted young people. (January 01, 2002)
Exceptionally and Profoundly Gifted Students: An Underserved Population
by Miraca Gross. Research suggests that the inclusion classroom, with age peers, may not be the most appropriate environment. (January 01, 2000)
Highly Gifted Children in Full Inclusion Classrooms
An article by Kathi Kearney reviews the literature on full inclusion. The special issues of highly gifted children are examined and a series of recommendations for the placement and education of highly gifted children in full inclusion classrooms are made. (January 01, 1996)
Fitting a Square Peg Into a Round Hole
Article by Sandra Carlton describes her challenges in finding an approriate educational setting for her profoundly gifted son. Their story includes legal, administrative and personal obstacles. (January 01, 1992)
Nurturing Giftedness In Young Children
ERIC Digest #E487 discusses gifted children entering kindergarten and describes how to choose a school. (January 01, 1990)
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