Italian Language Schools located in Italy.

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ABC Elba
[Porto Azzurro, Tuscany] Vacation school. Enrollment form and information on courses, accommodations, dates and prices.
Academy Olmo Scuola Verde
[Portico di Romagna, Emilia Romagna] Small group and individual courses. Application form and information on dates and prices, accommodations, and extra activities.
Accademia di Italiano
[Milan, Lombardy] AI organizes standard and intensive Italian language courses, including evening, for small groups, mini groups and person-to-person, either general or dedicated to specific subjects: fashion, design, opera, art and business.
Accademia Italiana
[Ascoli Piceno, Marche] Offers special courses in current events, history, art, and literature as well as classes for teachers and those in business and tourist industries. Enrolment form and method and course information.
ARCI Pasolini
[Castiglioncello, Tuscany] Intensive, group, and private lessons with special courses on cultural topics such as art and cooking and for those in specific industries. Enrolment details and information on courses and accommodations.
[Taormina, Sicilia] Includes business and culture classes. Enrolment form, schedule and prices, and information on accreditation and accommodations.
The Bertrand Russell Language Institute
[Padua, Veneto] Details on courses, dates, tuition, and accommodations, as well as information on policies and an enrolment form.
[Bologna] Learning the language at teacher's house together with accommodation in hotel, bed and breakfast, and flats.
C.C.I.C. Piero della Francesca
[Poppi, Tuscany] Provides Italian and culture courses. Offers various form of accommodation and presents a calendar, prices and contacts.
Centro Culturale Conero
[Camerano, Marche] Information on free time activities, general conditions, prices, and accommodations. Includes a photo album and enrolment form.
Centro Diffusione Lingue
[Padua, Veneto] Information on location and accommodations as well as an information request form.
Centro Fiorenza
[Florence and the Isle of Elba] Services include business, individual, vacation, and one-week courses. Information on policies, accommodations, leisure activities, dates, and prices.
Centro Italiano
[Naples, Campania] Also offers courses in cooking, wine, Neapolitan cribs, literature, creative writing, archaeology, and ceramics. Enrolment form and information on dates, prices, and leisure activities.
Centro Mediterraneo Pintadera
[Alghero, Sardinia] The school provides Italian language courses for foreigners. Information on accommodation, dates and prices.
Centro Studi Italiani
[Urbania, Marche] Services include a summer opera festival combining language training with voice and Italian repertoire training as well as partnerships with local universities. Information on programs and requirements.
Cultura Italiana
[Bologna, Arezzo, and Maremma] Information on individual locations, and on dates, prices, and accommodations. Includes an application form.
[Cefalù, Sicily] Offers information about Italian courses, method, staff and accommodation. Also includes dates and prices, enrollment and special events and offers.
[Turin, Piedmont] Application form and information on accommodations, policites, method, and schedule.
A Door to Italy
[Genoa, Liguria] Offers holiday and tour services as well as language courses. Includes information on prices and accommodations and a registration form.
Elle Due
[Firenze] Offer courses in a residential accommodation in Florentine villa and former monastery. Dates and fees.
Euro Studi Veneto
[Feltre, Veneto] Group and private courses, with special courses on cooking, wine, and culture. Methods, fees, calendar, and terms of enrolment as well as information on the town.
Giacomo Puccini Centre
[Viareggio, Tuscany] Offers Italian language courses. Information on accommodations, dates and prices, as well as an application form and FAQ.
Gianni Pirina Associazione Internazionale
[Oristano, Sardinia] Courses for low-level language learners. Registration form, dates and prices, regulations, and information on accommodations and leisure activities.
Idea Verona
[Verona, Veneto] Offers courses for opera singers and other specialized classes as well as standard language courses. Schedule and information on prices, enrollment, certification, and special services.
Il centro
[Milan] Italian language and culture center for foreigners. Provides summers courses and lodging.
Il Sasso
[Montepulciano, Tuscany] Information on courses, accommodation, dates, and prices. Also includes an application form.
[Otranto, Puglia] Customized general and intensive courses for individuals or groups. Also features a free accommodation booking service for students.
Istituto Linguistico Mediterraneo
[Pisa and Viareggio, Tuscany] Features intensive courses, individual tutoring, and classes in cooking and art. Calendar, price list, and information on accommodations and enrolment.
Istituto Venezia
[Venice, Veneto] Offers intensive and individual courses for one to four weeks. Information on dates and prices, enrollment, accommodation, and special events and offers.
[Numana, Marche] Offers language and cooking classes in the U.S.A. and in Italy.
Italiano in Riviera
[Alghero, Sardinia] Vacation school. Enrollment form and information on courses, accommodations, dates and prices.
Koinè Center
[Florence, Lucca, Cortona, Orbetello and Bologna] Intensive language and culture courses
[Cagliari, Sardinia] Offers the opportunity to study Italian : includes information about the courses and other services.
L'Italiano Porticando
[Torino] Language school in the historic heart of Turin, where students can learn with customized programmes all about the Italian language and culture.
Laboratorio Linguistico
[Milazzo, Sicilia] The school is located in the centre of town, in short walking distance from the ports.
The Language Center
[Todi, Umbria] Offers full immersion courses, classes in conjunction with physical therapy, courses for businesses or young people, remote learning, and translation services. Registration and test forms, program information, and links.
Liceo Linguistico Internazionale
[Bologna] Modern school of languages that offers intensive, individual, special courses and seminaries on culture.
[Castagneto Carducci, Tuscany] Information on classes, dates, prices, accommodations, and enrolment.
Lingua Sì
[Orvieto, Umbria] Offers holiday classes, group and individual courses, senior courses, and personalized programs. Information on location, accommodations, enrolment, and prices.
[Florence, Tuscany] Offers Italian courses in Florence, Milan, Syracuse and summer school for juniors in Lignano. Offers art and designed programme also.
[Pizzo Calabro, Calabria] Courses from beginning to advanced as well as cooking classes. Dates and prices, application form, and information on accommodations and leisure activities.
[San Remo, Liguria] Classes at all skill levels. Information on prices and dates, accommodations, internship opportunities, enrolment, and special activities and services.
Orbit Lingua
[Orbetello] Offers individual and group courses, also in conjunction with cultural and social activities.
Piccola Università Italiana
[Tropea, Calabria] Information on courses, accommodations, and leisure activities.
[San Bartolomeo al Mare, Liguria] Offers Italian language courses at all levels for all ages and a funfilled cultural programme. Information on accommodations, dates and prices.
Porta D'Oriente
[Otranto, Puglia] Courses for foreigners, with programs for children and teachers. Offers courses on Mediterranean cooking. Information on location, accommodations, prices, and enrolment.
[Reggio Emilia, Emilia-Romagna] Offers basic and intensive courses. Information on pricing, enrolment and accommodations.
[Modena, Emilia-Romagna] Includes information on the town.
Saena Iulia
[Siena, Tuscany] Also offers intensive courses and individual lessons. Information on pricing, enrolment, accommodations, and certification.
Sant'Anna in Camprena
[Pienza, SI] This school offers accommodation and courses in the environment of a former Benedictine abbey (15th century).
Sant'Anna Institute
[Sorrento, Campania] Also offers English, German, French, and Spanish courses for Italians and provides academic and internship support systems. Information on services and accommodations and an application form.
Scuola Insieme
[Grado, Friuli-Venezia Giulia] Immersion method courses as well as culture classes, privately guided excursions, and other activities. Reviews, information on accommodations and services, and an application.
Scuola Italia
[Urbania, Marche] A friendly small language school in the medieval town of Urbania, also offering cookery, arts and culture courses.
Scuola Leonardo da Vinci
[Florence, Siena, Rome, Milan] Features language, culture and art courses. Information on certifications, pricing, dates and accommodation.
Scuola Palazzo Malvisi
[Ravenna, Emilia-Romagna] Offers a variety of classes, including courses accompanied by golfing or thermal treatments, exam preparation, and mosaic and applied art classes. Also offers distance courses. Brochure request, enrolment form, dates, and prices.
Solemar Sicilia
Courses in Cefalù and Aspra/Mongerbino near by Palermo. All kinds of accommodations available.
Sorrento Cooking School
[Sant'agnello, Naples] Offers cooking and Italian language classes. Enrollment form and information on courses, accommodations and dates.
University for Foreigners of Siena
[Siena, Tuscany] Language and culture courses, specialized refresher classes, and classes for teachers. Information on university organization, financial aid, certification, and enrolment.
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