This category is for sites on international schools in Indonesia.

As an approximate guideline, to be considered an international school the institute will: be accredited by a foreign body (eg IBO), or; offer internationally recognzied qualifications (eg IGCSE), or; cater to expatriate families or locals with an interest in studying abroad, or; use an international 'style' of instruction, and promote an international 'outlook'.

Institutes that simply offer teaching using English (or other foreign language) as the medium of instruction are not necessarily international schools.

Websites submitted here must be related to international schools and in English. Bilingual sites are acceptable, however sites only in other languages should be submitted to the appropriate World subcategory.

ACG International School Jakarta
Located in south Jakarta and offering kindergarten through to high school (ages 3-17+). Provides basic information including guidance on enrolment procedures.
Australian International Schools
Campuses are located in Jakarta and Bali. Contains curriculum, admission details and newsletters.
Bandung Alliance International School
Provides pre-school through grade 12, day and boarding school. Contains school's profile, list of programs and admission details.
British International School Jakarta
Offers British and IB curriculum to international students in Jakarta from K-12. Alumni info, parent's handbook, virtual tour, school calendar and news.
Jakarta International School
Offers education for international students in English from K through 12 on three campuses in Jakarta.
Mountainview Christian School
Provides American curriculum for pre-school through grade 12. Contains event calendar and virtual tour.
Surabaya International School
Provides American education for elementary through senior high school. Contains list of facilities and contact details.

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