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Animal Usenet Binary Archive
Archives animal pictures posted to usenet group
For pet owners and pet lovers, from breeding to training and vet advice, chat and forums.
The Children's Petting Zoo
This kid-friendly site offers pet and animal information, books, and gifts for kids and grown-ups as well as pet supplies.
Cruzin Pets
Pet adoption, training, pet laws and articles.
Pet information both on and for pet fanciers, exhibitors and breeders, clubs, rescue, products and services, publications and articles.
Gary's Pet World
Provides information on selecting and caring for pets. Includes advice on nutrition, health, and housing, for fish, cats, dogs, birds, and small mammals.
Get Your Bird Brains
Basic care information for dogs, cats and birds.
Harmony Animal Hospital
General pet care tips, and first aid advice. Stories, and free pet classifieds.
Horse Dog Advice
Advice on horses and dogs as well as information on pet loss support and animal abuse. Monthly newsletter available.
HowStuffWorks: What are those Microchips that People put in their Dogs
Article on how dogs and cats can be identified via an injected chip.
India Pets
Information about pets, health tips and general advice.
My Pet Pages
Offers websites and photo hosting services for pet lovers including unlimited storage, guestbook and ecard facilities. Also includes a pet resources directory and memorial page.
Nature Of Animals
Informative articles on all aspects of the animal and natural world.
Pet Care Naturally
Current articles and information on holistic pet care. Includes excerpts of books written by experts in the field.
Pet Tails
Susan Daffron's articles on dogs and cats, including health, behavior, training, safety, and adoption.
Including information, articles, opinions and images of dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, horses, amphibians, small mammals and aquarium fishes.
Pet resources and a directory of services and breeders of dogs, cats, birds, horses, fish, reptiles, and exotic animals. Includes visitor submitted photos, message board, news, and articles.

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