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Death By Dyeing
On the painted glassfish: how they are made, and why they are sickly.
Death by
An anti-cruelty organization trying to stop the practice of injecting or otherwise artificially coloring ornamental fish. Lists stores that have agreed to stop selling these fish.
Flowerhorns alias Nightmares
The author argues that "Flowerhorn" cichlids, as man-made hybrids, are an abomination to the hobby and their production should not be encouraged. Alternatives are suggested.
U.S. Rules on Importing Tropical Fish: A Summary
Summary of U.S. Customs and U.S. Fish and Wildlife regulations on the import of wild-caught tropical fish.
Flower Power: Are Flowerhorns Good for the Hobby?
TFH Magazine's Tom Lorenz on the ethics of Flowerhorn keeping and the effect on the fishkeeping hobby. (November 01, 2009)
Magazine publishes guide to cosmetic fish surgery.
Practical Fishkeeping reports: A Singapore aquarium magazine has published an article which shows how cosmetic surgery can be performed on pet fish by amputating their tails and injecting them with dyes. (June 12, 2006)
Gene warfare to be waged on invasive fish
Scientists in Australia are introducing fish with a "daughterless" gene into rivers in an attempt to remove naturalized European carp. [New Scientist] (May 08, 2002)
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