For the listing of sites offering general information on African Cichlids.

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Cichlid Fishes of Lake Malawi, Africa
In-depth descriptions of most of the fishes of Lake Malawi with references to the scientific literature.
African Rift Lake Chemistry
Archive of newsgroup messages pertaining to cichlids and water chemistry.
An online community dedicated to all African Cichlid species and variants.
Australian Frontosa Keepers
A forum for keepers of Frontosa, Gibberosa and other African Cichlids.
Cichlid Recipe
Designed for beginning African cichlid hobbyists, describes tank selection, diet, aggression, and species.
An online community dedicated to all Cyphotilapia, Frontosa and Gibberosa species and variants. Features a forum, gallery and calculator.
Dan's Cichlid Aquarium
Information and pictures of African cichlids and tank setup.
Frontosa Corner
Articles, including FAQ, and photos.
Gas Station - African Cichlids
Pictures, articles, chat, message board, and a fish puzzle.
Hawki's Mbuna Page
Photos and information on the author's African cichlid tank.
Lake Malawi Cichlid Information for Beginners
Information about the care of Lake Malawi cichlids, including tank set up and requirements, suitable species, feeding, behavior, and compatibility.
Larry Johnson's Lake Malawi Cichlid Page
Features mbuna and other Lake Malawi cichlids photographed in their natural habitat.
Malawi and Tanganyika Cichlids
Photos and some information about cichlids from Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika.
Malawi and Victorian Cichlids
Photos and details about the rock dwelling cichlids, mbuna and mbipi, as well as information on setting up an aquarium.
My Personal Cichlid Pages
A personal website with information and tips about maintenance and breeding of these fish.
Our Malawi-cichlids
Contains details about the owner's fish as well as a Cichlid and photos.
A community dedicated to discussion of Tropheus keeping, care, species and variants. Registration is required.
Zoo seeks mate for last surviving ‘gorgeously ugly’ fish
The BBC reports that there are three known surviving Mangarahara cichlids, all male, and that a female is wanted to save the species. (May 10, 2013)

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