Informational sites that focus on Tarantulas as pets.

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Amazing Tarantulas!
Information about keeping pet tarantulas, including photos, caresheets, and general information. This site also offers live tarantula presentations for those in the Phoenix, AZ area.
Blog of Mexican Redknee Spiderlings
Personal weblog and images of Mexican redknee tarantula spiderlings(Brachypelma smithi). Contains information on their care.
DFW Tarantula & Arachnid Group
Group based in Arlington, Texas, USA welcoming all tarantula and other arachnid keepers and enthusiasts. Includes discussion board and information on monthly meetings.
Giant Spiders
Guide to the housing, feeding and general care of theraphosids or tarantulas. Includes a photo gallery.
My Hairy Friend the Tarantula
An article helping you learn about keeping the tarantula as a pet. Care instructions, links, newsletter, and a discussion forum. : Tarantulas
Care and general tarantula information. Photos and care sheets included.
Right Pet: Spiders
See if tarantulas are the right pet for you and which species would suit you best by reading owner reviews, tips and stories.
Tarantula Guide
Information for tarantula owners including care, habitat, food, handling and molting. Includes photographs and details of many different species.
The Tarantula Store
Covers husbandry of tarantulas. Includes photos, FAQ, and discussion boards.
General and species-specific information on tarantulas, forums and marketplace.
Tarantulas: Rick West
Tarantula expert Rick West's archive of images. Includes photos and a frequently asked questions section.
UK Arachnid
Tarantula information including anatomy, care, handling reproduction, and feeding. Frequently asked questions, species information, photos, and classified ads.
The Women's Tarantula Alliance Group
Resource and information group for female tarantula keepers worldwide.
Yahoo! Groups: Arachnid World
Discussion list for anyone interested in arachnids, primarily tarantulas.
Yahoo! Groups: The Women's Tarantula Alliance II
Forum directed towards supporting and affirming female tarantula enthusiasts.

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