Club sites that deal with the Weimaraner.
Delaware Valley Weimaraner Club
Provides member list, photos, and activities summary. Also provides a rescue program serving the local Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area including sections of New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Includes list of available dogs, other rescue locations, adoption application, and articles on adoption, collars, crate training, dog CPR, general health, and housebreaking.
Florida Gulf Coast Weimaraner Club
Includes newsletter and archives, officers, photos, show information, adoption and rescue contacts, and related links for this group based in Sarasota, Florida.
Greater Charlestown Weimaranar Club
Provides details about specialty shows, hunt tests, field trials for this group in North Carolina. Also includes event calendar, membership information, newsletter, and rescue and adoption forms and applications.
Greater Cincinnati Weimaraner Club
Includes news, breed standard and rescue services.
Klub Chovatelů Výmarských Ohařů
A Czech Republic club meeting in Benesov and Prostejov. Provides general information about this club, its history, and contacts.
Mile High Weimaraner Club
Serves the greater Denver, Colorado area. Includes photos, events, breed information, member wins and placements, and membership form. Also provides rescue and adoption service, a group of rescue resource articles, and list of dogs available for adoption.
North of England Weimaraner Society
Includes photos, breed standard, club rules, list of show judges, litter list, events, and related links. Holds a number of events including two breed shows: a Championship show in April and an Open show in November.
Sacramento Valley Weimaraner Club
Includes officer list, event calendar, breeder list, news, and membership information for this California group. Also includes articles and related links about hypomyelination, agility, confirmation, hunting, obedience, tracking, and therapy dogs.
Tarheel Weimaraner Club
Based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Includes breed information, events, membership details, constitution, local training classes, rescue program, and related links.
Tasmanian Weimaraner Postal Club
Includes membership information, photos, events, and contacts for this Australian club.
Timucuan Weimaraner Club of Florida
Based in north and central Florida. Includes events, membership application, their rescue operation and application, and related links.
Valley of the Sun Weimaraner Club
Includes membership information, event calendar, logo merchandise, resources, and adoption and rescue services. Provides adoption application and photos and descriptions of available dogs. Located in Phoenix, Arizona.
The Weimaraner Association
Includes breed history, FAQs, articles on working trials, field events, and monster years. Also provides association photos, events, judging lists, code of ethics, and membership form for this United Kingdom organization.
Weimaraner Club of Great Britain
Includes show and event signup and results, news, membership information, puppy lists, rescue service and list of dog to adopt. Also provides summaries of the breed standard, characteristics and history.
Weimaraner Club of Greater St. Louis
Includes breed information, activities, event list and photos, rescue list, and adoption application.
The Weimaraner Club Of Northern Illinois
Includes club history, officers, rescue services, articles about owning or adopting a Weimaraner, and reading list.
Weimaraner Club of Queensland
Includes club policy, committee members, meeting details, event calendar, breeders register, membership form, and show results. Located in Brisbane, Australia.
Weimaraner Club of the Washington D.C. Area
Licensed for AKC specialty shows, field trials, hunting tests, and WCA ratings and provides a summary description of each. Includes membership application, events, local breeders, photos, related links, articles, and rescue program adoption list.
Weimaraner Club of Victoria
Australian organization. Includes services offered, breed summary, calendar, events, downloads, breeder list, and health articles.
Weimaraners in South Africa
Home of the Weimaraner Klub of the Transvaal. Includes constitution, officers, events, shooting ratings, breeders and puppies due list, photos, and rescue procedures.

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