Find links to personal sites and homepages about Golden Retrievers and the joy of having them as pets.

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Adventures with Lunar
Offers pictures of a purebred dog in various situations.
Aileron Golden Retrievers
Stories and photograph gallery of an Alaskan woman who shows her dogs in conformation, often flying with them to shows.
All About Goldens
Offers articles about owning and caring for a golden retriever.
Angel and Jimmy
Photographs of two canines who live in Canada.
Augie Doggy
Dedicated to Augustus and his younger brother, Tiberius. Videos and pictures.
Debbie's Place
Dedicated to Debbie who was born in the animal shelter in Amsterdam. Her story and memorial.
A Dogs Life, the real story
Stories and photos about the life of a rescued golden retreiver named Mogley.
The Golden Dog
A pet owner's homepage on owning and training a dog. Breed information and short history.
Golden Retrievers Of Shiloh Park
Offers profiles, galleries, and pedigrees. Includes the history of the breed and links page.
The adventures of three canines and their humans at home in Scotland.
Goldy, Gordy Love
Photo galleries of a Golden named Echo and a Gordon Setter named Kona from puppyhood. Also includes wallpaper and health information.
Photographs of Holly and her family and friends.
Julie Capulet van de Beerse Hoeve
Pictures and pedigree of Molly.
Morningsage Golden Retrievers
Participated in shows and obedience trials with the purchase of their first Golden in 1965. Pictures and lineage.
My Dog Finn
Stories and pictures from a first time pet owner.
My Tammy
Breed history and information, wallpaper, clipart, and printables. Poetry and pet loss help. Memory pages dedicated to a devoted pet.
Sammi and Montana
Pedigrees and photographs of two dogs.
Details of a dog's life in Florida, including her birthday party and a trip to the vet.
Sheridon's Golden Retrievers
A pictorial view of Bailey, Kahlua, and Whiskey, their training, their show careers, and their pampered lives.
Sugar The Golden Retriever
Chronicles the life of a golden retriever named Sugar through posts and photos. Also includes posts about current events and topics that are relevant to dog owners.
SunRider Retrievers
Dedicated to hunt tests, tracking, dog tricks, and pet therapy. Training advice and biographies of the dogs.
Thoughts from the Bark Side
Shilo blogs about golden retriever life and other topics of interest to dog lovers. Topics range from the new canine across the street to observations of human behavior.
Tigana Goldens
Photographs and information on three show dogs and their owners in San Jose, California.

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