Websites of hobbyist breeders of Bichon Frises. FACTS About The Bichon Frise & Acquiring Dogs Get The Facts Before you Buy! The Bichon Frise is not a small dog but rather a medium size dog about 15 lbs on average when full grown. Anyone that tells you they breed for the smaller type is not reputable. The probably are a mixture of some other breed. The Bichon is a very High Maintenance Dog. 1) They are very difficult to housebreak. Bichons are a slow maturing breed and as such can take a longer time and be more difficult to potty train. We have found that Bichon puppies do not potty train well before the ago of four months. Sometimes they will never be 100% housebroken. It takes patience, time and a great deal of determination to potty train a Bichon Puppy. 2) The Coat is high maintenance. The coat requires daily brushing and professional grooming (it is very difficult to groom a Bichon yourself). They are white and get dirty quickly so washing every two weeks and trimming every four to six weeks. This can cost on average over $500 a year over and above the normal maintenance of the dogs. They also require annual teeth cleaning. This runs about $150 a year.

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