The Rottwieler was developed in the German town of Rottweil by crossing native dogs with the herding dogs that accompanied the Roman legions. It was known as a butcher's dog, used for herding and guarding the cattle and guarding master and property. In 1910, the Rottwieler was officially recognized as a police dog in Germany. Today the Rottweiler is a guardian, companion, and working dog.

This powerful, muscular breed has a short, black, thick coat with tan or mahogany markings. The Rottweiler grows to a height of 23-27" and weighs 90-110 pounds. The breed is protective, dominant, steady, and obedient.

Official recognition: FCI Group 2, AKC Group 3 - Working Dogs, CKC Group 3 - Working Dogs, KC Non-Sporting - Working Group, ANKC Group 6 - Utility.

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R-CK Kennels
A non-breeding kennel dedicated to breed education and rescue with puppy pictures, articles, and health information.
Rottweb Magazine
Online magazine for Rottweiler enthusiasts.
The Rottweiler Chronicle
An on-line publication about the breed.
Rottweiler Online
German magazine features regular updates, show results, a puppy section, classifieds, dogs for adoption, and a monthly poll. [English/German]
Rottweiler Review
Show dates and results. Photographs of the breed and links to breeders.
Rottweilers Breed-FAQ
Information including history, standards, health concerns, care, and temperament.
Rottweilers Reign Supreme
Newsletter, rescue, breed bans, K-9 Koolers, K-9 Sulkies, and merchandise.
Total Rottweiler Magazine
Online version of the quarterly magazine covering international events involving the breed. Upcoming issue contents, selected articles in PDF format, subscription information, and links.
Volsung Rottweilers
Care tips, how to choose a dog, breed history and standard, and forums.

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