The Australian Koolie (also known as the German Coolie, German Collie or Coulie) has a long history as an Australian stockdog, working both cattle and sheep in paddock, yard, truck and droving.

The Koolie can be between 400mm & 600mm, extremely faithful, active, attentive, friendly, very hardworking and easy to train when a light hand is used. They are suited to all areas from work on the land to private sectors such as quarantine, search & rescue and Pets as therapy. They will back, head, drive all stock equally as well. Koolies are also making a name for themselves in agility, obedience, tracking, endurance, flyball &T.V, Their intelligence, endurance and temperament set the Koolie apart from any other working and companion dog.

Research and DNA testing has shown that the Koolie is descended from Collie lines. Smooth coated blue merle Collies were imported to Australia around 1940. German author Von Stephanitz wrote in his book dated 1925 that Australian Graziers were sufficiently impressed with German sheepdogs to import some, these dogs were known as Alpine Header Breeds and the blue and red merle Tigers was amongst their numbers. It is generally accepted that due to the striking resemblance and similar traits these two breeds are the origins of the Australian Koolie. More can be read of Von Stephanitz’s classic work in Angela Sanderson book Australian Dogs. .

The Koolie breed is one of the oldest breeds of working dogs in Australia, unfortunately records were never kept regarding parentage. in order for this breed to be officially recognized by the Australian National Kennel Control, stud and breed records must be kept for a minimum of five hundred fifth generations.

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The Coolie Registry
This international registry was created to preserve and maintain the pedigrees and historical records of the German Coolie breed. Contains photo gallery, facts and myths, breed standard and genetics.
Koolie Club of Australia
Registry and promotion of the breed as an intelligent working dog. Breed history, photographs, meeting schedule, and links.
Working Koolie Association Australia, Inc.
Club goals, breed description, and events listings.
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