Websites about existing and proposed laws affecting cats and cat ownership.

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The Cat and the Law
How the law has treated cats throughout history.
Cats Must be on Leads
A Hungarian town has issued a regulation that cats must be keep on leads.
Dartmouth College Library: Cats
Commentary on a message by Governor of Illinois, Adlai Stevenson when he vetoed a 1949 cat bill passed by the state legislature.
Gazette.Net: Keeping Felines in Line
Articles and reader responses to a Maryland county's attempt to restrict cats to their owners' property.
Loony Laws about Animals
Remarkable laws about cats and other animals that have been passed.
NAIA: Dogs Will Be Dogs, But Cats Won't
An article by Anna Sadler about laws that lump dog and cat issues together.
National Animal Interest Alliance: Cats “There Ought to be a Law”
Anna Sadler looks at issues arising from “cat laws”.
National Pet Alliance Opposition to Coercive Legislation
Support to individuals and groups to assist in stopping coercive legislation.
San Mateo County Pet Overpopulation Ordinance: A Legislative Failure
An evaluation of elements of the San Mateo ordinance with recommendations.
Santa Clara County Survey of Pet Population
Report of a scientific survey of pet ownership in Santa Clara County, California with recommendations.
Gazette.Net: County Proposes Letting Cats Roam if They'll Behave
A proposal, referred to as a “cat leash law” has been dropped by the Duncan administration. (November 20, 1998)
Gazette.Net: Duncan Backtracks over Cat Control
County Executive Douglas Duncan orders the county attorney to water down the proposed ban on cat roaming. (September 30, 1998)
New South Wales: Companion Animals Act 1998
Australian state law that includes a provision for the control of cats. (July 14, 1998)
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