Declawing cats involves the surgical removal of the last joint of the toes. Whether or not this is a humane or even necessary practice is hotly debated.

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Amby's Declawing Cats: Issues & Alternatives
Medical, ethical, and behavioral issues, alternatives, and links.
California Anti-Declawing Bill
Legislation to ban declawing cats in California.
Information from a veterinarian on how to solve scratching problems without declawing.
CatsInfo: Facts Behind Declawing Your Cat
Facts about declawing and alternatives to declawing your cat.
Information about the effects of declawing and links to additional information.
Declawing: Disclose and Wait
Information about the procedure and the consequences of declawing cats.
Declawing: The Facts and Alternatives
Describes why claws are important, the declaw surgery procedure including tendonectomy surgery, behavioral and physical consequences and gives alternatives to declawing.
Declawing: What You Need to Know
Information to educate you in your decision to declaw your cat with a list of countries in which declawing cats is either illegal or considered extremely inhumane.
Educate Don't Amputate
A collection of articles about declawing, photographs of the surgery, webring, message board, and mailing list.
The Facts About Declawing
Explains onychectomy(declawing) in detail including physical, psychological and behavioral complications.
I Love Cats: Declawing
An insight into declawing and why cats scratch. Also how to train a kitten towards acceptable scratching surfaces.
The Paw Project
Based in California. Explains the effect of declawing on both domestic and on large cats, provides advice and information on alternate methods to prevent cats from scratching items, project donation information.
Safe Pet Products: Soft Paws Nail Caps for Cats
Soft nail caps that take care of problem scratching without having to declaw. Includes instructions and size chart.
Soft Paws: Alternative to Declawing
Vinyl caps that glue to a cat's claws to protect against scratching.
Veterinarians Who Do Not Declaw
List of veterinarians in the U.S. and Canada who refuse to declaw or who declaw only under extreme duress.
What About Declawing?
An opinion about declawing cats by Glenda Moore with related links.
BBC NEWS: Hollywood Cats to Regain Clawing Rights
Councillors in West Hollywood vote in favour of a ban on de-clawing cats, saying that the practice is painful and cruel. (January 23, 2003)
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