Song canaries have been bred and are judged in bird shows primarily for their song.

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American Singer Canaries
American Singer canary breeder near Pensacola, Florida. Contact information is on the owner's home page, linked from the bottom of their canary page.
Arboleda Aviary
American Singer canary breeder in Harrisonburg, Virginia.
Aria From A Bird Cage
American Singer canary breeder in Ohio.
The Belgian Waterslagers and the European Goldfinches
Breeding and raising the Belgian Waterslagers and the European Goldfinches, including diet and housing information. Located in Pittsburgh, PA.
A Bird in the Hand
Waterslager and Timbrado breeder in San Francisco, California. Includes photos, articles, and links to audio files.
Canaries by Bob and Judie McGuire
Prescott Valley, Arizona breeders of American Singers, Rollers, and Waterslagers.
The Canary Farm
American Singer canary breeder near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Site has canary FAQ page, a song video and photos of birds for sale.
Flying Angels Aviary
American Singer Canary breeder in the Buffalo, New York area. Website is primarily about Parrotlets, but this breeder is also an American Singer judge.
Ginger's Song Canaries
American Singer and Waterslager owner in Sunnyvale, California, links to articles, photos, videos and related websites.
Happy Home Aviary
Breeder and exhibitor of registered American Singer canaries located in SE Michigan. Site offers photographs, articles, tips, and links.
Mary's Waterslager Canaries
Waterslager canary breeder in N. Bend, Washington state.
R. Saruhan's Waterslagers
Turkish site with basic information about the Waterslager canary. Also in German, French and English.
Song Haven Canaries
Site about American singers, Glosters and Waterslagers. Information, pictures, and links.
Spanish Timbrado Canaries
Information about Spanish Timbrado canaries, including what is a Timbrado, different song lines, ways of tutoring and mp3 song files from some birds.
Spanish Timbrado Canary
Describes breeding, training and songs.
Virginia Belmont's Recordings
Singing and talking birds, including song canaries, recorded from old radio and TV shows, RealAudio files.
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