Sites about urban exploration and groups located in Europe.

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Abandoned Berlin
Ruins, derelict sites, abandoned buildings photographed in Berlin. Histories, stories, tall tales of trespass and anecdotes.
Abandoned Places
Photographs by Henk van Rensberge of abandoned hospitals, factories and other old buildings, derelict and overgrown.
And Berlin
David Yates, collected photos from abandoned places in Berlin and area.
Arcanum Urban Exploration
Pictures, stories and history of abandoned buildings. Exploring the back roads of Germany.
Archive of Abandoned Buildings
Photos of abandoned places in Italy. Reviews of links and photo books concerning abandoned buildings.
Behind Closed Doors Urbex
Urban Exploration photography and location reports from abandoned and forgotten buildings in the UK and Europe.
Berliner Unterwerten e.V.
The society for the exploration and documentation of architecture under Berlin, Germany.
Chernobyl, Pripyat
Tour to Chernobyl exclusion zone. Including abandoned city Pripyat and vehicle graveyard.
Christian Richter
Photographing abandoned Europe.
Danish Urban Exploration
Photos and talk about a book of urban exploration photography, recently published.
Derelict Europe
Pictures of dereliction from Paul Talling. Locations outside of London, UK, and across Europe.
Dereliction Addiction
A blog about abandoned places, urban exploring and decayed places. Pictures from travels to abandonments in Europe.
Deserted Farms in Black and White
Photographs of farms in Iceland. Taken by Nökkvi Elíasson.
Deserted Places
Pictures and descriptions of various deserted places in Sweden.
Deserted Places
Photographs of places that are deserted by the people that used to live or work there.
Diggers of Lithuania
Expeditions to everything from medieval crypts and WWII bunkers to Cold War hideouts.
District Noir
Exploring and photographing abandoned factories, army bases, decaying buildings and hidden infrastructure.
Dubtown Industriekultur
Galleries for buildings and cars. [English and German]
DyneSorier - Twitter
Urban exploration, Hamburg, Germany.
A woman's accounts of her rides through, and explorations of, a radioactive town abandoned in the wake of the Chernobyl disaster.
Eli Skårholen - Flickr
Nordic urban exploration. Hamar, Norge.
Exploration Central
Photographing in the UK and Europe.
Exposed Photography
Photography of abandoned sites and forgotten places Belgium, France, Germany and Luxembourg.
Flickr: Abandoned Guernsey
This group focuses on the parts of the island that people don't normally see. From derelict town houses to tumbledown greenhouses.
Flickr: Abandoned Hamburg
Hamburg pictures which show empty places, empty spaces in urban places - no people or animals.
Flickr: Eksploracja Polska (Industrial & Abandoned)
Photos that show Polish abandoned and forgotten sites and objects.
Flickr: European Urban Exploration
Photos of urban exploration in Europe. Disused, abandoned, derelict places, factories, building sites and sewers.
Flickr: Historic UK and Ireland
Historic buildings, monuments or artifacts. Pictures from England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Eire.
Flickr: Hungarian Castles and Ruins
Castles and ruins through the Hungarian history. Add the history when possible.
Flickr: L' Abbandono
Abandoned places in Italy.
Flickr: Prague Suburbs
In Prague's suburbs you will find treasures: old mills, farm houses, abandoned churches, remainders of fields in the middle of a 1970s housing estates.
Forbidden Places
Photos galleries and historical information of urban exploration sites around the world (underground quarries, catacombs, mines, abandoned buildings, military domains).
Geheimnisvolles Saarland
Urban Exploration in the Saarland / Lorraine region. Photos of the remains of the dawn of the coal and iron industries and the fortifications along the frontier of the borderland between Germany and France.
Ghost Funfair
Urban exploration blog from Finland. Two writers, two hometowns and a shared interest in abandoned places.
Hadjek Studio
Urban exploration photos from abandoned places in Poland.
Hooray for Decay
Urbex photography by Vincent Jansen.
Industrial Archaeology and Cultural Landscape
Pictures of abandoned buildings and rooftops.
Lost Least
Photo galleries from Italian explorers.
Mk 17 Urbex and Outdoor Blog
Photos and stories about urban exploration in and around Berlin, Germany.
Nikos Kantarakias Photography
Includes ruins, urban exploration photography from Athens, Greece.
No Place to Be
Images from the unseen and decayed world around you or the hidden places in your town.
Photos by Jose Cadaveira
Bunkers, tunnels, cannons, manholes, castles, arsenals, aerials... near La Coruna, the northwest coast of Spain.
Pigeon Eyes
The web gallery of urban exploring and urbex pictures by Italian photographer Pietromassimo Pasqui.
Plzen Historical Underground
Remnants of a medieval water system under the town of Plzen, Czech Republic.
Sandro Baliani
Artistic photographs of abandoned sites, like empty factories and flooded churches, near Venice.
Sinister Suspect Urbex
Kaj van den Oord with full location reports of abandoned buildings and desolate places. Prints are for sale.
Urban exploration photographer, based in Hamburg, Germany.
Still Alive
Italian abandoned places. Mostly factories: textile, steelworks, brickworks, automobile plant, cotton mill.
Photographic journeys in abandoned buildings. Belgium and Germany.
Third Reich in Ruins
Although more academic than adventurous, this site offers a collection of maps, pictures and snippets of trivia useful to those seeking military leftovers in Germany.
Tommy van Leeuwen Photo Gallery
Photo galleries of urban exploration in Europe.
Urban Adventure in Rotterdam
Petr Kazil's page on urban art and exploration in Rotterdam and beyond.
Urban Explorers
Urban exploration photography from different locations in Europe can be found on this site.
Urban Resources
A resource fund devoted to photography, architecture, industrial archaeology and urban exploration realized in close collaboration with
Urban Underworld
The place to find out what is lurking beneath the city streets. A tribute to the original site and explorers.
Urban Visions
An internet site dedicated to quality Urban Exploration (UrbEx) photography in Luxembourg and all around.
Urbaniaanse Mannen
A small group of enthusiasts from the Netherlands who enjoy the art of urban exploration.
Urbex Team Unity
A French group of urban explorers with photography from European locations.
Urbex: Darbians Photography
A traveller of abandoned places documenting through photography the decay and hidden beauty.
Werner Schijvenaars Photograhy
Photographing abandoned factories, theaters, schools and buildings in decline.
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