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21eme Regiment de Ligne
The 21eme Regiment de Ligne is a French Napoleonic Line Infantry Regiment, based in the UK with members worldwide
21ème Règiment d'Infanterie de Ligne
French infantry regiment mainly formed by reenactors from France, Flanders, Holland and the UK. Contains membership details, regimental history, a schedule, and a photo gallery.
5° Regiment Cuirassiers
Re-enacting the 2nd Cavalry Squadron of this Napoleonic regiment. Text in English, French, and Italian.
7th Dutch Batallion Infantry of the Line (7e Bataljon Infanterie van Linie)
A Belgian group re-enacting South Netherlands infantry at the time of the Battle of Waterloo. Description of group, e-mail contact information, schedule of events, photographs from past re-enactments. Some materials Dutch only.
Anglesey Hussars
Official site of the Anglesey Hussars Napoleonic re-enactors Unit.
Connaught Rangers 88th Regiment of Foot (Devil's Own)
A Surrey UK-based group re-enacting this Irish regiment in Wellington's service during the Peninsular War. Historical background, calendar of events, membership, kit and contact information.
Historical Maritime Society
Research and re-enactment group recreats the Royal Navy of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries; based in UK. Historical and contact information.
K.K.L.J.R. n° 44 /K.K. Pionierbataillone n° 1
Italian group re-enacting infantry and sapper units of the Austrian-held territories in Northern Italy. Description of historical units, photographs of unit in action, calendar of future events. Some materials Italian only.
King's German Legion @nline
History and living history of the Hanoverians in the King's German Legion. Text in English and German.
Le Premier Regiment de Chasseurs a Cheval/18th Light Dragoons (Hussars)
An English group re-enacting both French and English cavalrymen of the Napoleonic Wars. History of original units, e-mail contact, schedule of events.

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