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Offers reviews of coffee appliances, news, and articles.
2001: A Coffee Odyssey
A coffee weblog with in-depth perspective on roasting, blending, brewing and tasting specialty coffees.
About Coffee and Tea
Weekly articles, recipes, collection of links and a newsletter.
Alex's Espresso Coffee Bar Business
Information about how to open and operate a coffee bar, -cart, -kiosk or drive-thru coffee.
Café Magazine
A magazine dedicated to cafe culture and history.
Place for information on chocolate and coffee. Recipes, links, articles, forum discussions, reviews, news and trivia.
Coffee and Caffeine FAQ
Offers answers to frequently asked questions about coffee and caffeine.
Volunteer effort to inform people about coffee in all form and how to prepare.
The Coffee FAQ
Detailed and carefully organized FAQs about coffee and coffee brewing.
Coffee Forums
Offers discussion boards for enthusiasts to talk about topics such as beans, espresso, machines, and cafes.
Coffee Kid
Amateur coffee fanaticism. FAQs, reviews, information about vacuum brewing, espresso and hard to find information.
Coffee Kids
International non-profit organization established to improve the quality of life for children and families who live in coffee-growing communities around the world.
Coffee Research
Advanced research on coffee preparation, markets, and social issues related to coffee.
The Coffee Review
Coffee and coffee-related reviews done by Kenneth Davids and others.
A collection of coffee-related commentary and links.
Geography of Coffee
Geography professor describes field-based course about coffee cultivation and trade.
How a drip coffee maker works
Photographed narrative of a drip coffee maker being disassembled, with repair tips included.
How to Brew Coffee
Non-commercial site teaching the art of brewing coffee.
Coffee information featuring articles on roasting, brewing, history, business, and recipes.
Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee
Answers to questions about the effects of coffee on health.
Just About Coffee
Presents a variety of articles, including history, sources, health, and guidance for growing one's own coffee trees.
Interactive café and information resource.
National Geography Society - Coffee
The history of coffee, descriptions of different varieties, map of coffee-producing countries and a discussion forum.
Tent's Coffee Page
Brief description of coffee and beans.
Too Much Coffee
A resource specifically for European enthusiasts with tasting notes, articles and discussions on roasting, hardware and preparation.
Dedicated to vacuum pots in their many forms.
We Got Coffee
A resource for anything and everything that has to do with coffee and caffeine. Includes an endless list of ways to incorporate coffee and caffeine into every aspect of your life.

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