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Alex's Lego Technic Workshop
Creates detailed models with the goal to build a Lego car, with all the mechanical features of a real car.
Denis Bosman: Legotrucks and Construction Machinery
A detailed display of model trucks and machines. Pictures and work in progress.
Denis Cousineau's Technic Lego Pages
Primarily dedicated to making computer-controlled Lego robots. Includes Eiffel tower, lap belt for minifig, ants, robotic arm, physics, and programming RCX bricks.
Directional Transmission
A Lego transmission that runs different output shafts depending on which direction the input is driven.
Engineering with ABS
Provides technical information for original Lego creations including trains, mining equipment, building hints, and downloads.
Lego Compressor
Pictures and information to build compact Lego air compressor to power other technic projects.
Lego Technic Code Pilot
Program allows creation of an original code card for the 8479 monster truck.
LEGO Technic Set Database
Thumbnail pictures with set numbers, elements, and price.
Official Lego Technic Advanced
Showcases the Advanced Technic models and products. Features some Flash presentations.
ONYX Lego Beretta 9mm Series 92
Photographs and detailed instructions on building the Beretta 9mm pistol.
Red Blade Team
Dedicated to Technic racing car models, T8865 V12 Red Blade, 509 Black Runner, and a new project LT8448. Images, statistics, description, links, and downloads available.
Sehr Schnell Supertuning
Statistics, background, history, and photographs of Sehr Schnell 8880 Project Car.
Technic Set Reviews
Consumer reviews, images, and ratings of Lego sets from
Tom Newsom Technic Lego
Architecture student has created a small six legged walker, a digger and backhoe, pneumatic walker w.i.p, volume supercar, and a prosthetic hand.
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