Worldwide sites offering helpful information and beneficial services for the radio control airplane hobbyist.

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Aero Cockpit
RC model airplane instrument panels and cockpit kits, pictures.
Aircraft Images Archive
These aircraft images were posted anonymously on Usenet news back in 1992 or so.
Aircraft Photographic Reference
Full size aircraft photographs, walk arounds, different color scheme. Over 9000 images to browse and get inspiration for that next scale model.
Aircraft Plans
Aircraft plans for download and related links. RC Model Airplane QandA
Volunteer experts answer your detailed questions about building, flying, and repairing radio/remote controlled model airplanes.
Basic Soldering Guide
A step-by-step guide to basic soldering techniques with photos.
The Basics of Radio Control
Information about all aspects of model airplane equipment, building, and flying; compiled by SIG factory fliers.
Bob's Aircraft Documentation
Bob Banka's scale model research for information to document your scale aircraft model.
Fil's RC pages
Appears to be a collection of FAQs and links, some RC and computer related, others not.
Flight Log
Software used to log data about model aircraft. Information, screen shots, online manual, support, and download site.
High Voltage
Information on electric powered model aircraft.
Hooked On RC Airplanes
Information for learning to fly RC airplanes successfully. In depth look at various aspects of model aviation.
Introduction to R/C Flying
This is the radio control flying help file, containing information of general interest to beginners.
Martin Hepperle's RC Help
The purpose of this site is to provide material about aerodynamics of model airplanes. Most of the information is the result of work dedicated to high performance contest model aircraft.
Minnesota RC Directory
RC club's list with location and contact information.
Model Airplane Color Design
MACD is a PC program that helps design paint schemes for R/C aircraft.
Electric flight performance prediction software takes the guesswork out of choosing a power system for your electric plane.
Features 3D design and fiberglass mold making techniques for RC model aviation projects.
The R/C Battery Clinic
By C.L. "Red" Scholefield - Information, discussions, and related links.
R/C Model Aircraft and Aerodynamics
Includes basic aerodynamics, beginners' guide, picture gallery, and links.
RC Airplane Advisor
Information for those new to RC airplanes. How to choose, build, and fly a radio-controlled plane.
RC Airplanes
Beginner's guide to ready-to-fly r/c airplanes and general model aviation information.
RC Cad
A software specially designed to help modelers to create airplanes by supplying a three-dimensional visualization of the model. Downloads, screen shots, gallery, and related links.
RC Electric Aircraft Information
Introduction to electric powered rc aircraft. Sections on selecting, building, equipping, and flying.
RC Plane talk
Informative tips on types of RC planes, radio equipment, and instructions on trimming and building to get started.
Scale Model Aircraft
Picture galleries of aircraft models all scales.
See How It Flies
A new spin on the perceptions, procedures, and principles of flight.
Free model airplane plans from designers around the World. Designs are in both CAD and PDF format for easy downloading and printing.
This to That
Glue advice and picker, because RCers have a need to glue things.
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