Suzuki designed the Cappuccino specifically for the Japanese domestic market, meeting the tax needs of the K-class which states cars must have a body length that is less than 3.3m, a body width not exceeding 1.4m and an engine size less than 0.66 litres. The Cappuccino met these requirements with dimensions of 3.295m by 1.395m and a turbo charged engine capacity of 0.657 litres. This gives the Cappuccino an electronically limited top speed of 85mph and a 0-60 time of 8 seconds. Production of the Cappuccino started in October 1991 and was given the designation SX306, and the model identification EA11R. In October 1993 the Cappuccino was officially launched in the UK with a list price of £11,995. Between 1993 and 1995 a total of 1,110 cars were registered in the UK. The colour choice was limited to a choice of two, red and silver in the ratio of 80:20. The Cappuccino’s features include all round disc brakes, an adjustable and collapsible steering column, side impact protection beams, electric windows, air conditioning, sliding and reclining sport seats with ‘leather style’ PVC covering and an innovative roof system which means it can be transformed from a full hard top into a t-top, a targa and finally into a full convertible. The roof panels store in protective covers in boot, leaving virtually no luggage space, and the rear window drops down into the cars body. There were also high specification and limited edition models produced. The later specification EA21R was introduced in 1995. A new, lighter, K6A engine with chain-driven camshafts replaced the previous belt-driven F6A engine. These cars had slightly increased torque, lighter wheels and the option of a 3-speed automatic transmission and power steering. Production of the Cappuccino ended in late 1997 with sales finally coming to an end in 1998. In all a total of 28,010 Cappuccinos were produced in its 7 year production run.
Cappuccino Owners Club
A free to join owners club with a forum open to present, past and potential owners and car enthusiasts in general. Includes a free to advertise classified section.
Suzuki Cappuccino owners register for enthusiasts. Contains events, photos, FAQs, and merchandise.

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