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This category is for web sites that collect news stories depicting odd-but-true events or speculations.

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Boston Herald - Offbeat News
Odd headlines from the Boston Herald.
Weird News from Canada. Offbeat
Articles and headline news. [RSS]
Damn Interesting
Daily articles about diverse "damn interesting" facts, ideas and events from the past, present, or (anticipated) future. Offbeat News
The latest and trending stories.
Huffington Post - Weird News
Get the latest strange news, and other weird news stories around the US and the world.
Mirror - Weird News
Topics covered include, but are not limited to, nudity, poo, road signs with rude names and a goldfish having an operation to remove a tumour.
News of the Weird
Weekly bizarre-but-true weird news from around the world.
Register for collaborative weblog where users comment on interesting, wacky and dubious news from around the world.
Odd and funny news headlines submitted by the community.
The Podger UFO
A celebration of freakish things and people all over the world. News snippets of all things odd, stange and unusual.
Reuters: Oddly Enough News
Feed provides links to articles about oddities in the news. [RSS]
San Francisco Chronicle: Weird News
Weekly collection of weird stories from the news wire services.
Sky News: Strange But True
Headlines from the broadcast network. [RSS]
Strange News Video
Subjects covered include odd world records and celebrity shenanigans.
This Is True
Weekly syndicated sewspaper reports of bizarre-but-true news items from around the World.
This is True
Free weekly odd news feed. [RSS]
Today's Interesting Facts
Offers articles on the bizarre. Includes life hacks and stories on health, sports, science, entertainment and travel.
Topix: Weird
News of the weird, collected from various sources on the web. [RSS] - Offbeat
Selected items of odd news that is slightly off center.
Weird News Files
A collection of weird news stories, weird photos and weird videos from around the world.
The Zany Times
General wackiness, beetle invasions, ghosts and UFOs are some of the subjects covered. Includes a form to submit a story.
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