The earliest animals lived in the sea, and preserved and fossilised remains have provided a lot of information about them, and about conditions on Earth at the time. Many of the fossils discovered so far have been found on land, sometimes hundreds of miles from the sea.
Some present-day marine creatures have changed very little from prehistoric times.
Australian Mesozoic Marine Reptiles
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Contains sketches and descriptions of several marine reptiles.
The Ichthyosaur Page
[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] Presents details of their diet, swimming behaviour, and evolution, as well as strange facts about them.
A Moment in Time
[ Teens ] An illustrated story about an attack on a mosasaur by a prehistoric giant shark, based on the damage to bones found in Kansas, USA. Includes photographs of the fossil specimens.
New Zealand's Ancient Marine Reptiles
[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] Information about prehistoric marine reptiles of New Zealand, where, whom, when and what was found. Where in New Zealand to see fossil material displayed, and suggested reading material.
Oceans of Kansas Paleontology
[ Mature Teens ] Many pages of information on mosasaurs, plesiosaurs and other fossils found in Kansas and the Midwest.
Plesiosaur Directory
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Introduction to the group including taxonomy, reconstructions, and original artwork.
Reptiles of the Ancient Seas
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] The Museum of Unnatural Mystery explains about these creatures with the aid of pictures and animations.
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