This category contains non-commercial sites, of interest to kids and teens, about virtual zoos, zoo animals, and visiting zoos. These zoos exist only online.
BlackDog: You Belong At The Zoo
[ Kids/Teens ] Zoo animal puzzles, quizzes, photo safari, wallpaper, screen savers, postcards, and tips for visiting the zoo. Also has links to zoos around the United States.
Infrared Zoo
[ Kids/Teens ] Uses infrared photography to show the differences between warm and cold blooded animals. Learn about the animals and play a hide-and-seek game.
Matt Wolf's Interactive Petting Zoo
[ Kids/Teens ] Mouse-over images or animal names to see pictures. Includes mammals and their babies, colorful exotic birds, American native species, and rain forest animals.
Quillo's Online Zoo
[ Kids ] Features pictures, sounds, and information on the world's animals.
The Virtual Zoo
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Pictures, facts, and questions about animals from a high school Biology teacher. Includes mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, garden, and aquarium.
[Tiger Mozilla]
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