Coral reefs, homes of many flora and fauna. Fosters many symbiotic relationships and provides protection for prey.

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Aquarius - The World's Only Underwater Habitat
[ Mature Teens ] Features some basic facts on where Aquarius is located, lesson plans for teachers, and tutorials for students. Additional information is available for students who are interested in taking on careers jobs that deal with coral reefs.
Reef Education Network
[ Kids/Teens ] Offers an interactive way to learn about coral reefs. Subjects of interest include the Great Barrier Reef and the many creatures that live in, on, and around them.
Reef HQ Aquarium
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Take a tour of a virtual coral reef, and see what happens behind the scenes at this aquarium.
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Curriculum, activities, photographs, and a visual library about the coral reefs.
Zubi's Wetpage
A collection of essays or texts about species that live in coral reefs, including illustrations and underwater photos of marine animals.
[Dolphin Mozilla]
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