Jean Little was born in Tawain of Canadian parents. She moved to Canada as a young child and went to school here first attending a special school because of her extremely weak eyes, and then later attending regular public schools. She eventually became a teacher and an author of children's books. Her first book was about a ten-year-old girl who suffers from cerebral palsy. She has also written books about a child with ADHD, the baby of a family, and a blind girl. She has a gift for writing from a child's perspective with honesty and humour. Her work shines with joy, pain, and compassion.

Subcategories 1 Spotlight on Jean Little
[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] A brief look at the author's life and comments on some of her books, particularly the reviewers 2 favorites,
The Green & White
[ Kids/Teens ] The School newspaper of Saint Vincent's Elementary School's special Jean Little edition. Features some of Jean Little's writing and student projects based upon a study of Jean Little.
Jean Little
[ Kids/Teens ] A profile of the author, as well as summaries of her work.
Jean Little's Visit
[ Kids/Teens ] A student reports on the author's visit to her school.
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