Kids and Teens Games Outdoor and Yard Games
Contains games that children play outdoors, in school yards, and backyards.

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Eldrbarry's Group Games Guide
[ Kids/Teens ] Descriptions of active games with guidelines for playing.
Fun-Attic Great Game List
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Contains instructions on how to play many popular and unique games.
Games for Boys
[ Teens ] Features traditional games played in the Scouting movement, including relay, wide and highland activities.
GuidingUK: Games
[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] Instructions for a range of team, circle and parachute games played by Brownies and Guides.
Healthy Hopping
[ Kids ] A collection of skipping stunts and rhymes, as well as suggestions for healthy snacks to eat when jumping rope.
Parachute Games are Fun
[ Kids ] Includes photographs and descriptions of games played at Woodlands Junior School in Kent.
Scouting in Canada: Cub Games
[ Kids ] Descriptions and rules for playing many competitive and cooperative games.
Scouting in Canada: Games for Beavers
[ Kids ] An extensive collection of active games for indoors and outdoors.
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