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Features web sites containing consumer information and articles related to the topic of insurance. Another great source for consumers are the sites of Government Regulators. You will likely be amazed at what your national, provincial, or state site offers.

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A.M. Best
Offers data to insurance professionals and buying guides for consumers. Reports on the condition of insurance companies. Free registration allows access to insurance company ratings.
BlueCollarDollar: Insurance
Provides general information, links, articles, and editorials concerning various insurance topics.
Business Insurance Oracle
Checklists: how to select an agent, spotting troubled insurance companies, understanding the fine print.
DailyFinance: Insurance
Provides information on auto, home, health and life insurance.
e-Insure: Journal
Offers articles concerning various topics such as insurance fundamentals, domestic partners, and insurance considerations for the small business.
Fool.com: Insurance Center Mainpage
Information covering the main insurance products people need.
Insurance - Wikipedia
Encyclopedia article covering topics such as types, principles, indemnification, the insurance industry, and controversies.
Insurance and Planning Resource Center
Business and personal insurance coverage glossary and resource.
Insurance Information Institute (III)
Attempts to improve public understanding of insurance -- what it does and how it works. The site is subdivided into sections for "Individuals" (consumer info) "Media" (press info). [some content available in Spanish]
Insurance Services Network
A directory of insurance companies and information on world wide insurance practices.
Provides consumers and insurance professionals with information about insurance-related topics pertinent to Canada.
InsWeb: Insurance Learning Center
Provides articles, reports, glossaries and information regarding various types of insurance.
Protecting Your Assets - A Guide to Insurance
Consumer information from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Learn how insurance works, how to choose an appropriate insurance policy, and how to minimise problems with claims.
Texas Department of Insurance Consumer Help
Insurance resources, publications and news for consumers.
The USAA Educational Foundation
Non-profit organization provides consumer information on insurance and related personal and financial topics.

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