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Frugality is the practice of economy in spending money or using resources. This category lists sites related to frugality in homemaking.

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The $39 Experiment
An ordinary man asks 100 random companies for free stuff and logs their responses.
About.com: Frugal Living
Offers articles on getting away from the consumer mindset. Features chat, a newsletter and a forum.
Adventures of Frugal Girl
Melanie offers a window into her life by sharing ideas, giving advice, and being an example of how one can have nice things but not go broke in the process.
All Things Frugal
E-zine and articles specifically regarding saving money and advice on how to live a more frugal life.
Always Frugal
Written by a thrifty mom of two, based on her experiences from quitting full-time work to start a family and transitioning to a one income household.
Information for cutting back on food-related expenses. Includes a cost-per-serving calculator for various cuts of meat.
Festival of Frugality
Blog with weekly updates offering penny-pinching advice. Entries come from various sites "hosting" the frugal topic of the week.
Free Stuff
Access freebies, online paid surveys, online contests and competitions, free samples and giveaways.
Frugal Families
Focuses on supporting the family unit through simple, frugal living and homesteading. Features recipes, articles, tips, printable forms and holiday ideas.
Frugal Family
Articles and tips on how a family can live frugally in the 21st century without feeling deprived.
Frugal for Life
Blog containing information on maintaining a frugal lifestyle; specifically covering money management and shopping advice.
Frugal Happy Families
Frugal tips and advice as it relates to the well-being of the family. Also includes breakdowns of products how they can be purchased inexpensively.
The Frugal Life
Offers money saving tips and articles. Features a newsletter, bulletin board and forum.
Frugal Living Freedom
Practical advice for living on less and achieving financial freedom through a mindset of frugality.
A Frugal Mom
A mother of three chronicles her family's goals of frugality from 2008 - 2012.
Frugal Simplicity
Articles about getting more out of a dollar by living simply. Hundreds of articles with advice concerning all aspects of thrifty living.
Frugal Tip of the Week
Kept by Neil and Julie Mayo, offers many frugal tips as well as user-submitted entries.
Frugal Village
Homemaking, budgeting tips, interactive forums, articles and other resources on frugal living.
The Frugality Game
The Frugality Game is a free online tool that introduces topics in frugality, personal finance, and banking to adults and children through an video interface.
Blog offering many made-at-home products and how-to articles.
A Full Cup
Mail in rebates, printable coupons, coupon generator, filler items, promotional codes and local store deals listed. Member trade area.
Funny about Money
Reflections, reports, how-to articles, and tips on personal finance, household management, and the passage of time.
Offers general and aisle-by-aisle grocery shopping tips as well as a grocery store directory.
Living On A Dime
Advice on how to live more frugally. Also offers home-made versions of commercial products and low-cost recipes, and sells e-books.
Miserly Moms
Tools and information moms need to cut back working hours to spend time with family.
Community featuring money saving tips, personal growth, parenting support, recipes.
Ms. Cheap
Authored by Mary Hance, who has been writing about frugal living for over 30 years, the site is part of the Nashville paper The Tennessean.
Ms. Frugal
Frugal blog covering savings around the home and thrifty shopping. Also contains frugal recipes and contact information.
Rangy Lil's Frugality
Money saving tips from grocery shopping to mortgages.
Sassafrassy: Hillbilly Housewife
Low cost recipes, monthly bargains, home made convenience foods, cheap and easy cooking from scratch.
Savvy Frugality
Blog about frugal living, making the most of what you already have, and illustrating differences between being cheap and being frugal.
The Simple Dollar
A personal finance blog provides frugality and money management tips, ideas for frugal living with high quality of life.
Thrift Store Collecting Experiences
Illustrated journal of thrifting experiences and items purchased.
Thrifty Momma Ramblings
A blog covering money-saving tips around the house, simple do-it-yourself projects, and product giveaways.
Totally Frugal
A community with articles, tips, specials, coupons and forums aimed at assisting in the living of a simpler, more rewarding life.
Upstate Couponers
Frugal and couponing tips from upstate New York. Also includes articles on credit management and personal finance.

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