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This category contains sites related to maintaining a safe and secure environment within the home. This category does not include sites which sell goods and services online (Shopping: Home and Garden), sites for businesses that design or manufacture products (Business: Construction and Maintenance), or sites offering advice for purchasing decisions (Home: Consumer Information).

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Carbon Monoxide Headquarters
Articles provide information about carbon monoxide deaths, poisoning, treatments, and research.
Consumer Information Center: Indoor Air Hazards
Information on identifying problems and their sources including mold, radon, lead, and unhealthy remodeling by-products.
Consumer Product Safety Commission (U.S.)
Articles, alerts, and guides for a wide range of home safety issues including backyard pools, electrical hazards, biological pollutants, and window coverings.
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
Website that discusses CPTED issues, with a focus on home improvement methods and checklists.
Information on "Safe Room" design and construction from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
A Guide to Home Security
Short articles on video surveillance,alarm systems, homeowners' insurance, and setting up a neighborhood watch.
Home Security
Provides articles, checklists, and tips on home, and fire security for consumers.
My Safe Home
Information on detecting and fixing safety risks throughout the home.
National Crime Prevention Council
Articles on personal safety, securing a home and property, and safeguarding a family.
National Fire Protection Association: For Consumers
Information and statistics on fire and related hazards, including causes, prevention, preparedness, and equipment.
National Hurricane Center (U.S.)
Advice on developing a family plan, creating a disaster supply kit, having a place to go, and securing a home.
Selecting Household Safety Equipment
Includes general guidelines, preventive measures, and equipment for reducing the risk of exposure to hazardous household products.
Silent Shadow
Information on symptoms, sources, prevention, detection, and treatment of carbon monoxide poisoning.
This Old House: Installing a Lockset
Illustrations, photographs, and step-by-step instructions for installing a lockset.

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