Home Gardening Pest and Disease Control
Sites providing information about controlling damage in the home garden by animals, insects, or plant diseases.

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Cat Deterrent
Provides information and advice on various types of cat deterrents available for use in the garden.
The Extension Toxicology Network (Extoxnet)
A collaborative effort of several US universities collecting pesticide information profiles, toxicology information briefs, and other factsheets and newsletters.
Featured Creatures
Large collection of information sheets on insects, arachnids, and nematodes of importance to Florida residents, arranged by common name, scientific name, and crop or habitat.
Garden Guides
Information on the characteristics of some of the most troublesome garden pests and how to get rid of them.
The Mole Man
Professional mole trapper provides information on mole behavior, ecology, and control. Illustrated articles, FAQ, listing of several other US trappers by state.
A site about critters that may invade your space. Information on their diet, habitat, interesting facts and evidence of intrusion.
Penn State University: Plant Pathology Fact Sheets
Collection of information sheets about diseases affecting herbaceous and woody ornamental plants in the Northeastern U.S.
Information by RISE, an association of specialty pesticide and fertilizer producers. Articles, news, FAQs and links to other resources.
Purdue University Extension
Provides identification of pests and problems associated with plants. Services extended to businesses and individuals throughout Indiana and the US.
Sustainable Gardening Tips: Garden Snake
Information about keeping snakes out of the garden, and accounts of pet dogs and cats encountering snakes.
University of Missouri Extension
Offers information about reducing losses through a combination of methods including sanitation, cultural practices and physical practices.
Vole Control
Sells a Bait Station System also provides useful information on voles, their habits, habitat, and life cycle, identification, and help locating their burrows.
Wildlife Damage Management
University of Nebraska organization offers information on identification and control of mammal, bird, and reptile pests, a business registry of wildlife services, and links to other university resources.

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