Home Gardening Gardens Water FAQs, Help, and Tutorials
Tips, tricks, and instructions on constructing and maintaining water gardens.
Robyn Rhudy discusses ponds, pond animals and plants, with photos and commentary based on her own ponds.
The Water Garden
Extensive information covering pond and waterfall construction, calculators and conversion tables, aquatic plant care, algae control, general pond maintenance, and fish care. Featured shows on the Do It Yourself TV Network.
AOU: Building a Pond
Home gardener offers tips for building a pond, with details on pond construction materials, filters, and waterfalls, with diagrams to illustrate.
Presents information on fish ponds with details of design, construction, fish species and maintenance.
Pond Building Mastery
Dedicated to the essential know-how of building and maintaining a pond. Offers a compilation of tutorials, tips and ideas.
Pond Construction and Maintenance
Provides pond videos, and information about filtration systems, lighting options, and pond design.
Pond Doc's Journal
Personal blog covering everything about ponds, koi health and water gardens. [Atom]
Pond Life Identification Kit
Guide to small and microscopic pond life, with brief tips on collecting, and overview of life forms from bacteria to small insects, with brief articles on many of them.
Pond.com - Complete Guide to Garden Ponds
Learn how to install and maintain a garden pond.
The Real McKoi
Beginners guide to building a pond and keeping koi carp and cold-water fish.
Selecting a Method for Sealing Ponds in Florida
Specific information detailing how to seal a pond. From the University of Florida Extension.
Water Gardeners Bible
Expert advice by a world ornamental pond fish authority, Ben Helm. Includes questions and answers about koi, goldfish, pond building, and pond problems.
Water Gardeners International - For Beginners
Articles covering planning, location, design, materials and components, and filtration systems for water gardens and Koi ponds.
A weekly account of water garden information. Water gardening tips, water lilies and new pond species.
Wildlife Pond Building
Information on building a pond to attract wildlife such as frogs and birds, with additional pages on gardening for wildlife outside of the pond. Photos from the author's own pond and garden.
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