Professional searchers working in the area of adoption search and reunion may provide a range of services, including tracing, research, and support. They may also act as intermediaries during the reunion process.

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Adopted We Search
Private investigator specializes in locating and reuniting families separated by adoption.
Adoption Search Services
Providing a service for birthparent searches, as an intermediary/searcher, specializing in Missouri and Kansas adoptions. Includes profile and services details.
Ariel Bruce
A registered independent social worker specializing in tracing people affected by adoption. Includes recommendations and press and publicity. Located in the United Kingdom.
Az Adoption Records Finder
Certified confidential intermediary, able to open court records. Serving persons involved in adoptions finalized in Arizona.
California Adoption Search
A no find, no fee search service. Located in California.
California Post Adoption Reconnection
Staff profiles, information about various packages, and contact details.
California Post Adoption Search
Offers several types of search-related services. Presents FAQs and a description of non-identifying information.
E & E Search Consultants
Conducts family searches for adoptees and birth parents in Washington, U.S. Service and fee details are included.
Research, counselling and advice services for persons adopted in the UK and their birth relatives.
Kinsolving Investigations
Services for birthparents, adoptive parents, adoptees, insurance companies and attorneys.
Looking for Roots-Colombia Tu Pais
Offers to search for the biological families of Colombian people who have been adopted. Includes profile and reunion stories.
Luanne's Adoption Search Page
A listing of search sites, including those specific to California. Includes the personal journey of an adoptee in her search, as well as details on the assistance she can provide.
Missing Links
Small team of researchers who specialize in tracing birth relatives. Based in the UK. Includes a note about confidentiality, contact details and testimonials.
My Folks Website
Offers UK research, tracing and mediation services. Includes staff profiles and message board.
UK Adoption Tracing Service
Includes a company profile, search tips, and details about fees and payment.
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