Recipes, cooking tips, starter sources, and methods for starting, baking, and understanding sourdough bread.

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Bread and Sourdoughs
Technical information about making sourdough rye bread. Provides recipes, procedures, references and calculators.
Bread Baking Experiment
Step by step instruction with pictures for making sour dough starter and how to bake a six grain sourdough bread.
How Stuff Works: Technology of Sourdough Bread
Graphic tutorial shows how the technology of sourdough starter works and how it helps make a loaf of sourdough bread.
Northwest Sourdough
Step by step instructions for making bread with photos showing how the dough should look during each step. An advice page for help with problems and free recipes with complete instructions. Starter available for purchase. FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions from the Usenet sourdough discussion forum.
San Francisco-Style Sourdough French Bread
San-Francisco style Sourdough French bread recipe that can optionally be made with a bread machine.
Simple Sourdough
Instructions for making a sourdough starter, creating a sponge and making it into bread dough. Includes details of how to rise and bake the bread.
Sourdough and Sourdough Starter
General information about how sourdough works and how to make a sourdough starter. The author also explains how to feed a sourdough starter, dehydrate and reconstitute it. Instructions for converting recipes calling for commercial yeast into sourdough recipes are included.
Sourdough Companion
Sourdough bread recipes, community forum, photo gallery, videos, bakery reviews and baking supplies. Tutorials on how to make a Starter from scratch.
Sourdough FAQs
The answer to all your sourdough questions here, from the newbie to the seasoned professional.
Sourdough Home - An Exploration of Sourdough
Recipes, an introduction to baking, tips and techniques section, bread blog and free and for purchase downloads.
Wild Yeast
A blog covering all aspect of Sourdough bread as well as authentic cakes and pastries. Contains informative photographs and commentary.
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