Home Cooking Appetizers Collections and Indexes
Includes sites which contain lists and indexes of appetizer and snack recipes.

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Appetizer from Allrecipes.com
A collection of recipes divided into over a dozen various categories from antipasto to wraps and rolls.
Appetizer Recipes at GardenGuides.com
Collection of appetizer recipes, alphabetically indexed.
Appetizer Recipes from Better Homes and Gardens
A selection of appetizer recipes including Hot Honeyed Spareribs and Stuffed Jalapenos.
Appetizer recipes from Cooks.com
A searchable collection of appetizer recipes.
Appetizer Recipes from RecipeSource
A large collection of recipes with subcategories for cheese, chicken, and seafood appetizers, and wings.
Appetizer, Hors d'Ĺ“uvre, and Starter Recipes
A collection of recipes from What's Cooking America.
Alphabetical collection including Barbecue Pecans, Hot Shrimp Appetizers, and Fruit Kabobs.
A small collection of varied recipes from wontons or chicken wings, to meatballs and cauliflowers.
A collection of sweet and savory appetizers.
Appetizers and side dishes from Hub-UK
A range of recipes including king prawns with calvados and garlic, smoked eel with carrot salad and champagne oysters with tarragon.
Appetizers and Snacks
Small selection of recipes.
Appetizers and Snacks from The Recipe Place
A small collection of various recipes.
Appetizers from Fine Dining
Collection of recipes including Stuffed Green Olives and Petite Parmesan Baskets. Some recipes with photographs.
Appetizers from New Orleans
A list of Cajun and Creole appetizers concentrating mainly on seafood.
Appetizers: Recipe Cottage
Home cooking appetizer recipes for every occasion, organized by category and searchable. Includes reviews and pictures for many recipes.
Choppy's Appetizer Recipes
Several cheese ball recipes, and a few other appetizers.
Dip Recipes Archive
A collection of dip recipes from the Carnegie Mellon's School of Computer Science. Many from rec.food.recipes usenet group.
Gourmet Appetizers
A collection of appetizers from international cuisines.
Grandma's Appetizer Recipes
Selection of easy recipes.
Great Party Recipes.
Presents appetizer, dip, fondue, pizza, and punch recipes.
Hors d'Oeuvre Recipes from Hugs's Homeheart
Recipes such as African Chicken Livers, Camembert Stuffed with Shrimp, Frosted Cheese and Fruit, Jalapeno Cocktail Pie, Smoked Salmon Cheesecake, and Sweet Potato Balls.
Indian Appetizer Recipes
Contains various easy appetizer recipes.
Lesley's Recipe Archive: Snack Recipes
Recipes for appetizers, dips and snacks.
Perfect Entertaining
Searchable collection of appetizers which are also indexed and coded as quick, easy, less than five ingredients, make ahead, low fat, low carb, and vegetarian.
Robbie's Appetizer Recipes
Crab Rangoon, Deviled Eggs, Guacamole, Buffalo Wings, Layered Pizza Dip, Bloomin' Onion, Philly Cheese Ball, Spinach Dip, and Onion Ring Loaf.
Snail Cooking
Preparation of escargot, and recipes for three appetizers.
A small collection of recipes.
Vernalisa's Christmas Appetizers
Meat balls, sausages in a blanket, cheese balls, and hot spinach dip are some of the selections you will find here.
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