Services located in New York, United States

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Alight Care Center
Located in Troy. Overview of educational programs, support services, organizational events, and fundraising opportunities.
Alpha Pregnancy Care Center
Located in Latham. Details on their pregnancy testing, counseling, referrals, clothing and supplies, parenting classes, support groups, and educational items.
Boro Pregnancy Counseling Center
Located in Flushing. Offers pregnancy tests, peer counseling, maternity and baby supplies, and abortion recovery.
The Bridge to Life, Inc.
Located in Fresh Meadows, Astoria, and Rockaway. Pregnancy testing, referrals, baby and maternity clothes, baby furniture and supplies, adoption counseling, post-abortion counseling, and single mom support group.
The Care Center
Located in Suffolk County. Discusses pregnancy options and provides a list of services along with information on volunteer opportunities.
Care Net Pregnancy Center of Central New York
Located in Utica. Offers pregnancy testing, peer counseling, abortion recovery, childbirth classes, referrals, and maternity and baby supplies.
Care Net Pregnancy Center of Rockland County
Located in Spring Valley. Pregnancy testing, peer counseling, post-abortion support, referrals, childbirth classes, support groups, and maternity and baby clothing.
Care Net Pregnancy Center of Wayne County
Located in Palmyra. Offers pregnancy testing, peer counseling, post-abortion support, referrals, support groups, and maternity and baby clothing.
Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New York
Contact information for offices in New York City and Nyack. Offers counseling, medical care, housing assistance, and parenting training.
EMC Frontline Pregnancy Centers
Fifteen centers operational in New York City. Includes details of facilities, medical and educational programs, and volunteer opportunities.
Ithaca Pregnancy Center
Located in Ithaca and Cortland. Provides list of services, discusses pregnancy options, and gives information on adoption and abortion.
The Life Center of Long Island
Located in Deer Park. Pregnancy testing, peer counseling, post-abortion counseling, referrals, and resources.
Housing for pregnant and parenting women age 17-21. Overview, newsletter, events calendar, and information about volunteering. Three residences on Long Island.
New Hope Family Services
Located in Syracuse. Help for pregnant women. Alternatives to abortion, pregnancy counseling, post-abortion counseling and adoption services.
Sisters Of Life
Located in Bronx. Maternity and baby clothes, encouragement and support, and abortion recovery retreats.
Southern Tier Pregnancy Resource Center
Located in Elmira. Provides information on prenatal development, abortion procedures and risks, and sexually transmitted diseases.
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