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Davis County Sheriff's Search and Rescue
An all volunteer organization which works under the direction of the Davis county sheriff's office. Multi rolled search, rescue and emergency services. Utah.
Delmarva Search and Rescue Group
Team provides ground, canine and bike search to Delaware, Maryland and the Virginia peninsula. Includes team information, contacts, training schedule, links, sponsors and a store.
Fremont County Search and Rescue
An all volunteer organisation conducting multi role search and rescue for the public. News, member information and mission history. Based in Saint Anthony, Idaho.
Greater Philadelphia Search And Rescue
Includes team descriptions, education, links, and news.
Hudson Mohawk Search and Rescue
A non-profit volunteer ground search and rescue team based in Halfmoon, NY.
Indiana Search and Rescue Association
A non-profit organization presents membership information, calendar, news, donations, photos, and documents.
King County Search and Rescue Association
Coordinating search and rescue activities in King County, Washington. Includes units, academy, library, and contact information.
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Search and Rescue
An organisation of paid professionals and non paid volunteers conducting air, mountain, wilderness and canine search and rescue operations in the Clark County and the Nevada area.
Lower Adirondack Search and Rescue
A non-profit, volunteer wilderness search and rescue team located in the Adirondack Region of New York State.
Madison County Search and Rescue Team
Non profit multipurpose search and rescue corporation providing training services to agencies and individuals, serving the surrounding area of Madison County. Arkansas.
Mary's Peak Search and Rescue
Non-profit organization, incorporated with the state of Oregon, that provides search and rescue assistance for people who are lost in the wilderness. Information and member area. Based in Corvallis.
McKinley County Search and Rescue
Includes general description, links, and guestbook for New Mexico team.
Montgomery County Search and Rescue
Volunteer team in Texas. Includes brief team overview, training, and membership application.
Mounted Posse Search and Rescue Team
A non, profit organization providing search and rescue using horses. They are volunteers, working to help, county, state, and government agencies find, aid, and assist the lost or others in need. Ohio.
New Jersey Search and Rescue, Inc.
Non profit volunteering organization providing wilderness and mountain search and rescue personnel. Trains members, dogs and horses and provide operational management. Member list and information. New Jersey.
New Mexico Search and Rescue Support Team
A non-profit organisation performing motorized ground search, rescue, transportation and communications services. Based in Albuquerque.
New York Search and Rescue
Includes history, services, schedule, contacts and links for this volunteer search and rescue team serving the lower Hudson Valley of New York State and surrounding areas.
North Star Search and Rescue Organization
Includes services, contacts, events, photos, sponsors and membership information for this volunteer team that serves the northern area of Maine.
Northeast Mobile Search and Rescue
A group of volunteering individuals with interest and expertise in search and rescue operations. Resource overview, mission photos and contact details. Mechanicville, New York.
Socorro Search and Rescue
Located in New Mexico. Includes team description, membership and training requirements, equipment, and gallery.
South East Louisiana Search and Rescue
A non-profit organization comprised of hundreds of governmental agencies and volunteers. Information on training, members, introduction, and links.
Southern Arizona Rescue Association
Volunteer technical rescue team based in Tucson, Arizona. Includes team and membership information and contacts.
Superstition Search and Rescue, Arizona
A volunteer search and rescue service organization affiliated with the Pinal County Sheriff's Office in Florence, Arizona.
United States Search and Rescue Task Force
Includes overview, officers, membership information, and pictures for Mid-Atlantic region group.
Washington County Emergency Services, Office of Special Operations
Providing technical rescue and hazardous materials support for fire and rescue departments in Washington County, Maryland. Includes history, news, photos, and equipment.
Weber County Sheriff's Search and Rescue
Multi role search, rescues and emergency organisation. Calendar, members, directives, training, rescues, and newsletters for this Utah based team.
West Michigan Search and Rescue
Includes team description, meetings, and photos.
Western Pennsylvania Search and Rescue Development Center
A non profit organization dedicated to serving communities through the efforts of volunteer members who perform search and rescue and disaster response for the population. Pennsylvania.
Wind River SAR
A group of volunteers whose mission is to provide response to search and rescue missions. Based in Skamania County, Washington.
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