This category is for organizations that provide emergency medical care, but do not provide ambulance transport.
Alfred University Rescue Squad
Includes news, phone list, committees, meeting minutes, and bylaws for this first responder team.
Bates College EMS
All volunteer, non-transport emergency medical service serving the Bates College campus. Service description, statistics, member and contact information, and pictures.
Brandeis Emergency Medical Corps
First response emergency medical team for Brandeis University. Contains news, corps information and history, pictures, constitution, and protocols.
Carnegie Mellon University Emergency Medical Services
Non-transport, prehospital care service. Includes service description, training, links, and a standby request form.
Colby Emergency Response
Student run emergency care service for Colby College. Includes staff, schedules, equipment, training, and contact.
Cornell University Emergency Medical Service
Student run EMS serving the Cornell community. Community announcements, contact and membership information, photo gallery, and description of activities.
Cortland State College Campus Rescue
Includes membership and general information, CPR classes, stand-bys and hall programs, and a tour of the squad quarters.
Dartmouth Emergency Medical Services
Overview of student organization providing non-transport care at college events.
Emory University EMS First Responder Unit
Provides non-transport emergency medical care. Contains unit description, director, operations, training, resources, and alumni.
Florida State University First Responder Unit
Includes overview, photos, and articles.
Geneseo State College First Response
Providing non-transport emergency care on campus. Site contains information about the unit and how to join.
Lehigh University Emergency Medical Services
Includes brief description, constitution, e-mail contact, and members section.
Purdue University Stadium Rescue Squad
Provides emergency medical assistance to fans at the football games and other sporting events. Contains history, standard operating procedures, officers, and pictures.
Queen's University First Aid Team
Initial response emergency care providers on campus in Kingston, Ontario. Includes team overview, services, coverage requests, events, how to join, and pictures.
Radford University Emergency Medical Services
Advanced life support first responders in western Virginia. Includes history, newsletter, members, pictures, and links.
Rice University Emergency Medical Services
Basic life support, non-transport agency. Include history, operations, statistics, contact information, and EMS education.
Santa Clara University EMS
Includes organization information, profiles, links, calendar, and membership information.
Tufts University Emergency Medical Services
Providing initial emergency care on campus. Includes overview, how to join, classes, and request form for events.
University of Guelph First Response Team
Student volunteer emergency care providers. Includes news, team description, contact information, and members.
University of Massachusetts at Amherst EMS
Provides non-transport emergency care. Service description, events, links, pictures, and members.
University of Massachusetts at Lowell EMS
Includes history, staff, vehicles, call logs, upcoming events, and EMT classes.
West Chester University Emergency Medical Services
Includes meetings, officers, special events, pictures, and contact information.
Western Emergency Medical Services
Non-transport agency serving Western Illinois University. Includes overview, how to join, services, members, and officers.
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Emergency Medical Services
Includes news, officers, roster, schedule, training, operation, and links.
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