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The Balto Bunny Project
A story of triumph over depression after years on antidepressants. An in-depth discussion of the causes, cures, and the dangers of doctors negligently writing prescriptions.
Black Dog Days
Written by a man who has suffered with major depression. The blog was created for its therapeutic benefits; for the writer and for others.
The Depressed Optimist
A blog that documents the life of a depression sufferer.
Information about clinical depression, including self-help and support.
Depressed? Read Abraham Lincoln's Words
Contains information about Abraham Lincoln and depression.
Information and symptoms of depression, antidepressants, therapy, suicide, myths, books, and poetry.
Escape from Clinical Depression
Jon Eden tells personal story of insight into an origin of depression. Learned helplessness, negative feedback control, and defense mechanisms are among the ideas discussed.
Fading Out
A personal story about life, depression and God in the center of it.
I Lost My 30s
A blog about depression, mental health and shattering the stigma around mental illness.
Living with Mental Illness
Personal experience of depression and PTSD. Includes extracts from her diary and a poem.
Graeme tells his story on how he is managing depression and describes the tools he uses to cope.
The Meaning of Depression
Marianne Broug provides her story, articles and quotes on a view of depression as a natural part of life, and details of her book, "Seventeen Voices".
My Very First Home Page
Gives a brief personal profile and offers ways to cope with depression.
Quitting Oxazepam
Personal experience with quitting Oxazepam (Serax).
Rhyme Of The Ancient Wanderer
Information and support for those who suffer from Dysthymia and other depressive disorders.
Stay on Top
A personal blog about coping with severe chronic depression. Includes daily-life experiences, observations, reflections and interpretations, and practical tips.
Tales from the Depressed Zone
The story of one young man's battles with depression, social phobia, overeating, and sexual addiction.
To Hell and Back
Steve tells his experiences with depression.
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